I’m Andrew Lynch, a copywriter, entrepreneur and online marketer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Here’s the view from our apartment:

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This is my personal blog, where I focus on learning more and earning more. That means focusing on the fundamentals. Being healthy, happy and productive. And not falling for any bullshit from charlatans.

I mainly write about what I’m learning, what I’m working on, and what I’m thinking and feeling.

Before starting my own marketing company, I was Publishing Manger and employee #1 at Book In A Box. I worked for NYT best-selling author Tucker Max and his co-founder Zach Obront to manage all our client projects, and to design, build and improve all of our core business processes. It was great fun, and I loved every second of it (especially the time I spent in Austin)

And before THAT, I was a rising star in the fast-paced world of accounting, but unlike most accountants I realised I actually liked people, so I turned my back on corporate life and joined Book In A Box. Although I’m still glad I did that job.

And before THAT, I went to the University of Leeds and got an econ degree, having paid my way through uni playing online poker. I also tried to do stand-up comedy once but wasn’t very good.

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  1. Dear Andrew:
    Some people work their whole lives at something they hate just to pay the bills. You are now in a course that you enjoy. Consider yourself lucky. Give yourself time and try different things. One day it will come to you. As far as your blog…best idea ever! You probably don’t want to hear this heh hehe But, as young girls write in a diary every day, it since has been proven very therapeutic for all ages to keep a ‘journal’ of thoughts and ideas and events. Later on, you’ll see that all these experiences are necessary for you to grow and find your way in life. I wish you all the best Andrew.

  2. Andrew-

    First, I’m pumped your enjoying what you’re learning, it’s the most important step in the academic process. Quitting can be scary but finding a enjoyable subject is school is critical.
    Second, I was also an economics major and I’m a firm believer in an economics background. You may not find an econ based job after school but the skills and thought processes you learn will be invaluable.
    Keep enjoying life in school, then put the dream in action.

  3. Im really quite taken back as to the extent of you’re slimmy asshole faced immaturity that is being directed to a random lady, thats done good for her self in the skills she developed. So vary kindly,, go fuck your hat yaa fuckin lip!

  4. This is one of the best blogs I’ve ever read. You are extremely intelligent and I to hope to stand on the shoulders of giants.

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