The most important money rule to follow

I’m not a financial adviser, but sometimes I play one on the internet. So here’s the most important piece of financial advice you’ll ever get.

Make sure you have a four figure sum, in liquid cash, all the time.

If you’re one of the 61% of Americans that can’t cover a $1000 emergency with savings, or 41% of Brits that don’t have at least £1,000 in savings, it is now your mission in life to correct this issue.

Constantly living paycheque to paycheque, juggling bill payments, and stressing about credit card debt is no way to live life. It makes you unhappy, unhealthy, and will affect everything in your life.

So here’s the solution. Until you have at least a grand in liquid cash savings that you can use to cover an emergency or unexpected expense, you need to restrict yourself to eating only beans and rice. You get no alcohol, no eating out, and no spending on entertainment. Every spare penny needs to go towards building that cash buffer. There’s plenty of time for fun and games once you’ve got a little space between you and bankruptcy.

Trust me–as someone who has experience stretching the last bit of money until I next get paid–when you have just a little money in the bank, it feels like a weight off your shoulders.

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