Update on Erin Pavlina, and why I disagree with what she does so much

I thought I should do another post about Erin Pavlina, because the earlier post I wrote about her was a little stream-of-consciousness, but despite that it’s the third result in google for a search for “Erin Pavlina”, so I feel I should justify my comments a little. (It also annoys me that my blog is higher in a google search for her name than for mine, but whatever).

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On the earlier post I received two incredibly contrasting comments. The first was this one from Sue:

Hi, I am totally mortified to admit that it is clearly me, not Erin, who is the crazy person. Because Erin has $500 of my money and I am still wincing from the pain of being ripped-off by paying for one of her psychic readings. I wish I had done more research before I went through with it – the problem is that people paying psychics are vulnerable and really want to believe in this bs. Usually I am a rational person but I got totally duped by the false promises on her website. So I would be grateful if you would please publish this comment as a big warning to anyone thinking of buying a reading from this lady – DON’T DO IT!! It feels like rape.

And another from Ellie:

I have to say I have had two readings with Erin and both have been accurate and helpful (including making contact with deceased relatives Erin didn’t even know existed) – a far cry from what Sue refers to here.

So how could two people feel so differently about the same process? And why does that process cost up to $800 for just an hour of Erin’s time?

To demonstrate this, I will now do a psychic reading of you. Yes, you, the reader. It will be a long and detailed reading. I’ll show you how amazing a psychic I am, even though I’m not in the same room, and for some of you, not even in the same country. Here it goes. By the way, I”m assuming that you, like the majority of my readers, are in university or college, or have recently graduated – if not then email me about a private reading. It’s only $200, and I accept payment by PayPal and all major credit cards. So, without futher ado, here is my psychic reading of you.

You are a person prone to bouts of self-examination. This is in sharp contrast to a striking ability you have developed to appear very socially engaged, even the life and soul of the parrt; but in a way that only convinces others. You are all too aware of it being a facade.

This means that you will often be at a gathering and find yourself playing a part. While on the one hand you’ll be talkative and funny, you’ll be detaching yourself to the point where you will find yourself watching everything going on around you and feeling utterly unable to engage. You’ll play conversations back to yourself in your head and wonder what that person really meant when he said such-and-such – conversations that other people wouldn’t give a second thought to.

How have you learned to deal with this conflict? Through exercising control. You like to show a calm, self-assured fluid kind of stability (but because this is self-consciously created, it will create bouts of frustrated silliness and a delight in extremes, or at least a delight in being seen to be extreme). You most easily recognize this control in how you are with people around you. You have learned to protect yourself by keeping people at bay. Because in the past you have learned to be disappointed by people (and because there were issues with you adjusting to your sexuality), you instinctively keep people at arms’ length, until you decide they are allowed over that magic line into your group of close friends. However, once across that line, the problem is that an emotional dependency kicks in which leaves you feeling very hurt or rejected if it appears that they have betrayed that status.

Because you are prone to self-examination, you will be aware of these traits. However, you are unusually able to examine even that self-examination, which means that you have become concerned about what the real you is. You have become all too aware of facades, of sides of yourself which you present to the world, and you wonder if you have lost touch with the real and spontaneous you.

You are very creative, and have tried different avenues to utilize that ability. It may not be that you specifically, say, paint; it may be that your creativity shows itself in more subtle ways, but you will certainly find yourself having vivid and well-formed ideas which others will find hard to grasp. You set high standards for yourself, though, and in many ways are a bit of a perfectionist. The problem is, though, that it means you often don’t get stuff done, because you are frustrated by the idea of mediocrity and are wearied by the idea of starting something afresh. However, once your brain is engaged you’ll find yourself sailing. Very much this will likely lead to you having considered writing a novel or some such, but a fear that you won’t be able to achieve quite what you want stops you from getting on with it. But you have a real vision for things, which others fall short of. Particularly in your academic/college situation, you are currently fighting against restraints upon your desire to express yourself freely.

Your relationship with your parents (there is a suggestion that one is no longer around, or at least emotionally absent) is under some strain. You wish to remain fond of them but recent issues are causing frustration – from your side far more than theirs. In fact they seem unaware of your thoughts on the matter. Partly this is because there are ways in which you have been made to feel isolated from certain groups in the past – something of an outsider. Now what is happening is that you are taking that outsider role and defending it to the point of consciously avoiding being part of a group. This will serve you well in your creative and career pursuits. You have an enormous cynicism towards those who prefer to be part of a group or who exhibit any cliquey behaviour, and you always feel a pang of disappointment when you see your ‘close’ friends seeming to follow that route. Deep down it feels like rejection.

However, for all that introspection, you have developed a sensational, dry sense of humour that makes connections quickly and wittily and will leave you making jokes that go right over the heads of others. You delight in it so much that you’ll often rehearse jokes or amusing voices to yourself in order to ‘spontaneously’ impress others with them. But this is a healthy desire to impress, and although you hate catching yourself at it, it’s nothing to be so worried about.

There’s also an odd feeling that you should have been born in a different century. You might be able to make more sense of that than I can.

There are some strong monetary shifts taking place at the moment. Both the recent past and what’s in store over the next few months represent quite a change.

You have links at the moment with people abroad, which are quite interesting, and will look to yield worthwhile results. You’re naturally a little disorganized. A look around your living space would show a box of photos, unorganized into albums, out-of-date medicines, broken items not thrown out, and notes to yourself which are significantly out of date. Something related to this is that you lack motivation. Because you’re resourceful and talented enough to be pretty successful when you put your mind to things, this encourages you to procrastinate and put them off. Equally, you’ve given up dreams a little easily when your mind flitted elsewhere. There are in your home signs of an excursion into playing a musical instrument, which you have since abandoned, or are finding yourself less interested in. (This may alternatively relate to poetry and creative writing you’ve briefly tried your hand at and left behind you.) You have a real capacity for deciding that such-and-such a thing (or so-and-so a person) will be the be all and end all of everything and be with you for ever. But you’d rather try and fail, and swing from one extreme to the other, than settle for the little that you see others content with.

Conclusion: It’s very interesting doing your reading, as you do present something of a  conundrum, which won’t surprise you. You are certainly bright, but unusually open to life’s possibilities – something not normally found among achieving people. I’d say you’d do well to be less self-absorbed, as it tends to distance you a little, and to relinquish some of the control you exercise when you present that stylized version of yourself to others. You could let people in a little more, but I am aware that there is a darkness you feel you should hide (much of this is in the personal/relationship/sexual area, and is related to a neediness which you don’t like).

You really have an appealing personality – genuinely. Many thanks for doing this, and for offering something far more substantial than most.

So how was that? Accurate? A load of nonsense? If you’re a normal, fairly intelligent young person, you will undoubtedly have found, like I did, that at least some of this applies to you. Yes, sometimes I can be a little self-absorbed. Yes, I tried to play the guitar and then got bored of it, and gave up. Yes, I’d like to think that I’d rather try and fail than settle for less. And like most people, I have “links” abroad.

But do you see the problem with this? Most of it is so general and generic, that if you really wanted to believe it, you could. If you really wanted to believe that I was psychic and performing an excellent reading of you, you could take the phrase “links abroad” to mean any number of things. Maybe you have relatives abroad, or colleagues from work, or  you recently went on holiday, or you’re just about to go on holiday, or that your girlfriend is half-swedish. It could literally apply to almost everyone, if they wanted it to.

Similarly, who hasn’t at one point in their life tried to play an instrument or some other creative exercise? Who isn’t a little disorganized sometimes? Who hasn’t felt a little odd or disconnected in a social situation before?

By now, you’ve probably worked out that I’m not a psychic. This reading was in fact copied from Derren Brown’s book Tricks of the Mind (which I’d highly recommend, by the way), and is an example of the Forer Experiment.

Forer administered a personality test to his students. Rather than scoring the tests and giving individual assessments, he gave all the students the exact same analysis copied from a newspaper astrology column. The students were then asked to evaluate the description on a scale of zero through five, with five being the most accurate. The average evaluation was 4.26. The experiment has been repeated hundreds of times since 1948, and the average remains about 4.2. The Forer effect shows that people tend to accept generalised descriptions of their personalities without realising that the same evaluation could apply to nearly anyone else, because people want the results to be true.

And do you see how someone could make this reading even more precise in person, with a number of probing questions? By saying things like “I’m getting an indication that you can be a creative person”, and guaging the person’s reaction, you can make it much more accurate. If they agree with you, you can go more along this line and say something like “yes, you like to express yourself creatively, through music or writing or something similar” which has every chance of being correct. If they don’t think they’re particularly creative you might say “well, not obviously, but you have a creative side of you that manifests itself in other ways. For example, you often come up with a solution to a problem that others don’t see”, or you could even say “well, you have a creative side that you’re not fulling embracing, which you need to do”. The possibilities are almost endless.

And to use these skills, as Erin does, to dupe people into thinking that they can contact their deceased relatives (for only $797.00 an hour!) is dishonest, exploitative, and disgusting. To offer someone false comfort about a terrible event in their lives, and charge them up the ass for doing so, is horrible.

Admittedly, it may not be that Erin Pavlina does this intentionally. Let’s look at the alternatives for what might be happening here:

  1. Erin uses cold-reading techniques to give the outward appearance of being a psychic medium, and all the content on her website and her blog is carefully constructed to uphold this appearance, as people will come to her already believing she is psychic, making her job much easier as a result, as they will mould what she says into something that fits their reality.
  2. Erin believes what she says, and thinks she is psychic, as do others. She is quite intuitive and can, for example, tell if things are bothering someone, and can be a comfort to them. She’s not psychic at all, but sometimes she gets lucky with the things she says.
  3. Erin can literally contact the dead, psychically read people, and everything she says is absolutely true.

Which do you think is more likely?

172 thoughts on “Update on Erin Pavlina, and why I disagree with what she does so much

  1. Hi, Andrew!

    As you could probably tell from my comment, I would go for option #3. That is because I am a believer in psychic abilities (always have been) and also what I couldn’t explain is how Erin Pavlina (and another medium) can tell me my relative’s name, how they died, where we first met, and another specific and highly relevant thing she couldn’t have known. Lucky guesses? It IS possible. But it was several lucky and spot on guesses if that was the case, which seems unlikely to me.

    You could call me deluded, but I find it all quite magical (the world of psychic abilities and the spiritual realm). I really enjoyed my readings with Erin and I get a lot of pleasure from a connection with the spirit realm. Whether it’s real or not doesn’t matter to me because I know that I can’t prove its realness. That is because everything I am perceiving is happening in my own mind and perception. Can I really prove that anything exists outside of that? I don’t think I can! Anyway this has gotten a bit deep and I’m rambling now so I’ll leave it there.

    Thanks for covering this interesting topic. Ellie

    1. Psychic abilities either come from a place of light or dark- both can be accurate. I’ve found that most very highly enlightened legitimate psychics who source from light, are not “for profit” – meaning their readings are to help ALL fellow souls spiritual journey, their prices are reasonable, they offer sliding scales and even free readings for victims of abuse and trauma.

      I mean, the idea that the souls who need the most guidance and insight are the ones suffering, who just lost their job or who had just endured a devastating event….but unless they have a spare $150 (for one email question – no follow up) or $300 (for a mere 15 minute call) to pay greedy elitist people like Erin Pavlina, they’re denied the valuable messages that may help them?

      I’ve had such INCREDIBLE readings, I mean life changing insight, from the most talented spiritual, loving and 90% accurate (free will comes into play) psychics who average $40/thirty minutes, $80/hour, who would more often than not would allow for extra time, email follow up thoughts, prayers and free minutes, offered free emergency mini readings for urgent situations…..and what do they all had in common?
      They felt divinely led to HELP people.
      They want to make a living, but would explain their mentality and purpose was geared towards a “higher power” – and their Angels and guides ensured abundant blessings, especially financially, and they felt strongly that every soul is entitled to readings and NO ONE should ever be turned down for lack of money.
      Can you imagine how our world would be if that was everyone’s philosophy?
      I had to put in some time/effort/research to find these hidden gems (I’ll be happy to share their names) and I’d never TRUST any psychic that’s clearly “for profit”.

      1. Hi! Can you help me find these hidden gems that you are talking about? I really seek legit psychics who will help me through the good way.

      2. Amen. I know what your talking about. The highly spiritual and truly gifted. I know them as Caribbean Psychics. All truth and accuracy with a lot of humanity.

    2. TO ELLIE


    3. She knew because she made tentative guesses and watched to see how you responded to them. She did this until she could guess (close enough for you to fill in the rest) the name.

      Then you forgot about all the little guesses and only remembered that she knew the answer. You do this because you want to believe these things so much that you make yourself ignore anything which would disprove them.

      That’s how “psychics” make money.

  2. Andrew,

    I also wanted to add a few things about what I think about Erin, and the impact she has had on my life, because I think she has been slated quite a lot here and I want to give another opinion too to balance it out.

    Having spoken with Erin twice on the phone, I find her to be a caring and genuinely well-meaning human being.

    I think she helps a lot of people who have a spiritual worldview. She helped me locate a profession I’d enjoy and find the courage to do the work I am doing now, which I love.

    That’s a lot of positives to my mind too to consider.

  3. Nice try, Erin. Ah sorry, I mean Ellie of course.

    Seriously, do you think people stupid? But maybe you are right. I would think so too if a number of people would pay me up to 800 Dollars per hour for bullshitting them.

    Those 800 Bucks/h make me really wish I could be a cold hearted motherfucker without a conscience so that I too could bullshit people with emotional problems. After all, thats how nature works too. You pick on the weakest animal and have a really nice feast for you and your relatives. Lions do it all the time, according to the nature show I saw the other day.

  4. Andrew, I have also recently had a reading with Erin Pavlina. Well – let’s just put the psychic thing aside and let me tell you that she was infinitely more insightful into my personality in just 10-15 minutes than any of my attempts to communicate with a therapist over a period of weeks or even months at different points in my life.

    I gave up on therapy ages ago because I always felt more insightful than the therapist. It was frustrating and unsatisfying.

    But with Erin Pavlina, I was amazed. So…how do you explain that? How stupid are therapists, in that case, if they study human nature professionally for years and years and can’t come up with an 1/8 of the insight that a ‘fake psychic’ (your opinion, not mine) can in just a few minutes?

    Remember, with a therapist you tell them all about yourself and they STILL CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT!!!!! You have to admit it’s comical at least?

    Also let me tell you that I never read horoscopes because I don’t believe in them, I raced out of a personality testing facility when I was 19 because after one minute talking to the guy I thought he was full of B.S., only to see the sign “DIANETICS” after slamming the door behind me!

    I have never gotten involved in any kind of group or cult and even the Fountainhead, about 40 pages in, started to seem like somebody was trying to indoctrinate me into their belief system and all my alarms started going off madly.

    I don’t even like some of the stuff that Erin approves of on her site. I think The Secret is a cheesy marketing scam (with some good points that have been made much better by others), I can’t stand the Power of Now, and many other things that other people go for…

    That being said, Erin Pavlina is authentic. Crazy as this might sound to you, some people genuinely are psychic. But if I hadn’t had my own experiences with psychic phenomenon, I wouldn’t believe it myself. I really wouldn’t.

    And yes, I did relate to much of this generic reading you posted above, but some of it was completely off the mark. I’m awful at parties and I space out and everybody can tell what’s going on in my head because I don’t hide it. So if Erin had started out a reading like this for me my heart would have sunk.

    Fortunately, she didn’t. Anyhow, as I said I don’t blame you -why believe in psychic things if you haven’t experienced anything like that yourself? I wouldn’t either…but I have, and so I do.

    1. Because she tells you what you already believe, what you want to hear and what you don’t want to change. It’s her job to please you. It’s her mission to tell you what you want to hear. She is a saleswoman and a conwoman. She’ll say anything to get your money and keep you coming back. If she wasn’t good at it, she wouldn’t get many paying clients.

      A therapist, on the other hand will probably tell you some things you don’t want to believe about yourself, some truths you definitely don’t want to hear and some things you should change (and who wants to do that?). If you don’t actually want to fix whatever problem brought you to the therapist, then you’ll probably think that he or she is not very insightful about you.

      It’s easier to think that the therapist is incompetent than to do the hard work it takes to change things in your mind. Therapy isn’t just talking to someone, it means that you apply the insights of therapy to your life. But it’s so much easier to believe in vague, magical, mystical nonsense that “feels” real and only requires money, not hard and scary work.

      Psychics are like an emotional get-rich-quick scheme that’s too good to be true.

  5. Hi. I re-read what I wrote last night re: Erin Pavlina and it sounds kind of obnoxious so actually I prefer that you don’t publish it right now. Of course, now that I’ve submitted it you can do whatever you want, but I could have said what I wanted to say much better. I was extremely tired!

    Plus I should not have said Erin Pavlina knew more about me in 10-15 minutes than a therapist would over a long period of time. Although there is some truth to that, I should have said 30 minutes, and there are some insightful therapists out there so I don’t want to mislead people.

    Anyhow it’s a serious issue and I would prefer to have written about it more thoughtfully. Thank you.

  6. Glad to hear it! She seems really nice.
    My question is though, what does she do that makes you willing to pay that much?
    I’ve been at the same work, including very successful healing and clairvoyance with a global following for 25 years and can’t get my head around her fees.
    Just curious!

  7. Ellie, it’s called cold reading. It’s deception. Search on Youtube for “Derren Brown interview”. It’s an interview with Richard Dawkins – 6 parts.


    Yes. And Ellie = Erin herself.

    Someone set up a review site, please. That doesn’t allow Erin to post her own reviews.

    Her reading is 100% pure cold reading. Any concrete information she tries to give comes from her own mind, and is further inaccurate. No actual psychic advice here.

    P.S. how can she even give ‘health advice’ when she herself is so unhealthy? Terrible.

    If she were really psychic, she would not have those problems herself, and especially not before giving such advice to others.

    Sound advice: stay away.

  9. P.S. Ellie and Zanya = Erin

    She does this on her own site too, posting her own reviews.

    And as for being okay to charge for a psychic reading, even if she is not psychic, as BOTH of these people here wrote,
    well, that is not okay, because SHE MARKETS HERSELF AS A PSYCHIC.

    Both of these posts– Ellie/Zanya/Erin – write that she gives some advice, even if she is NOT ACTUALLY PSYCHIC, and it should be okay to charge $800 for A PSYCHIC READING.

    If she is doing this, and is not psychic, as appears to be the case, this is a con.

    Erin herself KNOWS that she is not genuinely psychic. She would also not offer ‘consultation services’ if she were actually psychic. Being that she claims to have a waiting list for psychic readings, she would not offer ‘consultation’ on the side, from her rational mind, if she actually has a psychic mind. That’s like a solar car offering to run on gasoline. She is either one or the other, not both. If she could connect to the psychic realm, she would not also decide to give advice from her own mind.

    Her ‘psychic readings’ anyways, are the same. All from her own mind, inaccurate, and not actually psychic.

  10. Clearly there is an interesting element within yourself that could be examined here, Andrew. A reaction like this has a lot more to do with you and your own issues than with Erin.

    Why do you think you are so hostile towards someone you have never met? To the point of writing this post? Why does do you let it bug you so much? Why so quick to judge someone else when, again, you have never even spoken to her?

    On a different note, why are you so convinced that psychic phenomena doesn’t exist? The true sceptics are sceptical about their own scepticism 😉

    Erin charges those prices because of the huge demand for her (considerable) skills. There’s no way she could keep up with the demand if her prices were lower. And her abilities are such that it’s extremely well worth it. I’m afraid your equating of her work with that of Derren Brown is laughable 🙂 There’s no comparison.

  11. Sapphire = Erin as well.

    This is typical of how she responds to criticisms of her readings. Erin’s protocol: first, turn the blame on the critic. Second, say that ‘she is in demand’ for her ‘skills’, and it is okay to say that she is psychic, even if she is not.

    Both of these are logical fallacies. Erin and her ‘readings’ herself are false, and marketed fallaciously. Erin is conning people. It is not surprising that her second search result in Google is ‘Erin Pavlina, scam’. What ever happened to Steve’s ‘truth’ principle?

    Would not be surprised if her readings are uncovered by more to be false. Can only hope that the number of those conned by her will lower as the result of exposure to the truth by articles like these, and that there are fewer victims in the future when people can see the truth of this more clearly.

  12. I agree with Chris. Sapphire sounds just like Erin too.

    I think it was Steve Pavlina that was behind the huge price increases for Erin’s “services”. Erin Pavlina and Steve have recently split – he was probably thinking ahead and trying to increase her income to save himself some alimony. Anyway, don’t get me started on Steve.

  13. I assure you, I’m not Erin. I find it pretty hilarious that anyone who posts here in support of her is assumed to BE her. I thought you guys were all about rationality!:) She wouldn’t be bothered with or by this and neither will I from here on in, though I’ve learned from the experience: there’s no point in trying to convince anyone of anything, especially those like Andrew and many who have contributed to this thread. I guess I just wanted to post because Andrew’s site comes up so high in a google search for ‘Erin Pavlina’.

    P.S. Paul, please don’t start on Steve. You might hurt his feelings 😉

    1. Seriously hugs, why would this lady continue to give fake names and I assume email addresses to try and convince strangers of her authenticity? That is funny to me. Psychic ability is real in my experience, charging outrageous prices for is is ridiculous and wrong. You may think Jesus is Gods son or you may think of him a Man who was a very talented shaman and an ascended master (no one has proof of either) but regardless HIS services were God given talents and HE charged nothing. Hell he even handed out food in one story. I don’t question the ability of her (Erin) or anyone really…everyone has psychic ability of some level, but charging anything is not right in my opinion.

      1. So, you should not charge for your God given talents? A talented musician should play music for free? An Artist give away their paintings? A surgeon, for free? Prices should not be astronomical but everyone is entitled to make a living from their gifts whatever they may be.

  14. Although it is interesting that this post hasn’t got any comments for over a month and yet not half an hour after Paul posts his comments you jump straight back on here to post a defence.

    Out of interest, why do you say that equating Erin’s work to Derren Brown’s is “laughable”?

  15. I just checked my email and saw Paul’s post insinuating that I was someone other than who I am. Felt obliged to rectify the situation. Will now happily unsubscribe from notifications of future comments 🙂

  16. There is this talent of the dead.

    From Erin Pavlina’s website, it is clear that she is convinced (at least in writing) that she has a not so common talent – the talent of the ethers. One who takes a look at her website will clearly see that she is deeply immersed in the world of the dead. She says that she frequently speaks with dead people and even with “people” who have never lived in this world at all. This last group of her favorites she calls them Angels and Guides. She has done a fairly good job of analyzing the “people” she speaks with. She gives some “information” on what happens when one dies, of the views of the dead about hell and heaven, of how dead people keep themselves busy given their unlimited time, of whether the dead respect the privacy of the living or not, of whether the dead do “die” again, of how to show love to dead people, of how one can develop a talent like her own etc. Most of this information was given to her by the dead in her dreams, or rather, that she dreamt that the dead were giving her such information.

    When analyzing such claims, the first step is to give a provincial of the possibility that she might be sincere with her claims and dreams. Unless one is closely acquainted with her, we cannot out-rightly conclude that she is an imposter or a creative writer/dreamer. One of the closest persons to her is Steve Pavlina. Steve approves of her spiritual talent. Whether Steve is himself sincere or not on this issue is also a whole different question.

    But again we should note that sincerity is not a proof of a claim.

    We have read of the witch trials in Britain during the dark ages and we know that people not only confessed of witchcraft but also of impossible crimes like maliciously causing a storm in the sea or of causing frost, fog, snow falls or of turning themselves into wolves. They made these confessions despite their knowledge that such claims would amount to their death. We also read of the sincerity of the judges and the people of that time in their summoning of animals before a court of law for trial and the consequent public execution of these animals. We also read of how they used animals as witnesses before a court of justice.

    One can be sincere in the absurdity of absurdities.

    Taking it for granted then that Erin is deeply convinced that she has no mental problem (or mind reading talent) and that she actually thinks that the dead people do, in practice, relay information to her, then we can proceed to make the following observations about the whole process in a more ‘earthly’ way:

    • * It is assumed that the information relayed by the dead concerning earthly issues is accurate. That the opinion of the dead on earthly matters is superior to that of the living (like which town here on earth is best for one to live in). It is on this assumption that Erin charges a fee to her sitters for receiving such ethereal information.
    • * That the dead grow better in some professional careers like medicine after their death and that they can detect failed human organs without the aid of any modern equipments.
    • * That the dead are so competent that they can accurately predict when a currently functioning body organ will fail and that through talented people like Erin, they can write there diagnosis to her brain through dreams. A story is given of a prediction of the death of a two week or so pregnant woman that would occur during her delivery. The cause of this foretold death was also predicted by the dead (or guide, angel etc) as being due to over bleeding. This prediction was told to Erin in a dream. The angel or the dead doctor encouraged Erin to relay this information to the patient. Steve also encouraged Erin to make after-delivery follow-ups of this woman. Erin however declined to do so.
    • * That the dead get really pleased when we offer them sacrifices. They can accept physical sacrifices like food and that they do treat that as a sign of love. That the dead like us to think about them.
    • * That when one is depressed or suicidal, the person’s angel does appear standing by the person’s shoulders. And that these angels are usually visible to Erin during readings.
    • * That these dead people are good in financial matters and that they can see when one will have a lot of money.
    • * That it is a productive thing to seek and listen to the opinion of these dead people.

    • * It is however not clear if these dead people can be of any great importance to the living. It is also not clear whether they can help in improving science and technology, in astronomy, in geology, biology, history and any useful study.
    • * It is easy to assume that given their power of examining internal body organs without any aid of scientific tools then it should be very easy for them to make enormous contributions to modern medicine. It is also tempting to assume that because these dead people are now contemporaries of the ancient world, they should be able to relay important and accurate historical information to the living. However, as of present we hardly receive such useful information from people like Erin.
    • * It is also easy to think that there needs to be a reformation in the world of the dead as presented by Erin. That they, the dead, have to be taught to be courageous and bold. That they, the dead, should be taught that using dreams as a means of relaying information to living human beings raises, as it should, a lot of doubts and suspicion. That, that information that is of much interest to living beings is that information that affects human welfare in general. This could include prediction of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tsunamis, information on medicine, geology, geography, biology, vaccination etc.

    Anthony Kawa

  17. LOL, this is one of the top results for Erin Pavlina. Andrew, I think you could make this even more of a “splash of cold water”. Erin Pavlina is a fraud.

    She is making a 6 figure salary, peddling baloney. I’m seriously considering becoming a “psychic” myself.

    The money is obviously SO easy. You don’t require any qualifications, you can charge through the roof, and you can sell yourself as an expert really easily.

    Talent as a psychic can’t be quantified at all so you can make up some lovely stories (as Erin has) with vague yet vivid details. And people are so desperate to believe… Steve Pavlina is in the same boat here, in that his readership is comprised of highly vulnerable people. His is a different kind of baloney, taking advantage of people in a different way. He’s generated something of a cult following and convinced himself he’s “serving people” when in fact all he’s doing is jamming peoples’ heads with rhubarb: and even more reasons to feel inadequate when they compare themselves as failures next to his seeming perfection.

  18. I remember firmly believing she was the real deal, but now I have to except the depressing fact that this sort of “phenomenon” doesn’t exist. Good God, Life’s boring–that’s what I’m most upset about. Only the charmingly peculiar occur in one’s imagination, whether it be widely published through Mass Entertainment or being privately relished. Can’t wait ’til automobiles have the ability to take flight, and finally be able to go further into space…

    I hate to express extremist feelings…but I hope these apathetic, relentless liars get lynched knowing that there are people who love them and have seen their lovely aspects.

  19. I’m inclined to agree with you that it’s not ‘real’ to the capacity Erin thinks it is. Perhaps she’s just intuitive. But I find it ironic you want everyone to believe your point of view, despite the fact you’ve never even had a reading with her yourself. Your insistence she is not psychic… is in fact some kind of prediction you expect everyone to believe.

    I would be less bored with this post if you had bothered to have a reading with her first.

  20. Ellie is probably Erin-the response was too timely and makes sense seeing the high popularity of the first post on this blog.

    I don’t believe Zanya is Erin, the writing style is rather different, and doesn’t seem to get quite enough done considering the length of the post. Equally, s/he seems to actually suffer from exactly what this post is saying. First, because of the nature of this post, one becomes openly skeptic as we already know you don’t believe in this sort of thing. Second, when the reading occurred, Zanya was likely susceptible, and so believed it, then afterwords, is painting a memory with rosy retrospection.

    Sapphire may or may not be Erin. She seems very ill-tempered AND polite at the same time, which suggests a mix between anger and realizing rude people always lose arguments. Any good deceiver knows this tactic, but by hiding under the guise of being someone else, it becomes infinitely easier to pretend to merely be a zealous defender of someone, whereas if it were openly the person being attacked defending in this manner, it would instantly become apparent what was occurring.

    All of the above is based upon my personal analysis of the situation, based solely upon my understanding of the human psyche and without evidence, and so should only be taken as speculation.

    With regards to this post, it seems like more of the same arguments I’ve heard against these things in the past. Either it’s incorrect and there are no other arguments, or it’s the truth, which is why everyone comes to the same conclusions. Either way, I agree with it.

    Individual responses, since I don’t wish to “leave anyone hanging”:

    I don’t want to regurgitate what I just typed, but there is the possibility of what I wrote about Zanya being applicable to your questions. Namely, you mention another psychic who was able to derive the same information from you, but I highly doubt that Erin and this other psychic have the same view on the afterlife. This suggests that you gave away the information without realizing it, and actually provides some data suggesting that both of the above “psychics” are fakes. The concepts of astral planes and the afterlife may be real, but neither of the people you spoke to likely were.

    Therapists don’t tell you what you want to hear. This may be why they’re “wrong” so often, and why you seem to be more insightful than them. I already covered you, mostly, so again, I don’t wish to waste time. In addition, I won’t question your belief system, as I hate that aspect of typical atheists*.

    If you heard a story about a mass murderer who went about killing children in the dead of night all throughout towns in rural Spain, having claimed the lives of hundreds already, wouldn’t you be very critical and angry about that person, perhaps to the point of writing a blog post about it? Despite never having met or talked to the person? In addition, Andrew did put a #3 at the end of his post. He is skeptical about the possibility of psychic abilities, at the very least, enough to consider it, even if he does not believe in it.

    Finally, as a too-long-didn’t-read version:
    There lies a logical explanation for everything, and man’s greatest enemy is himself.

    As a disclaimer:
    I personally believe there is an afterlife, and think that psychic abilities may be possible. As a skeptic, I cannot dismiss the possibility of anything until solid proof arises, and even then, the proof I shall hold up to debate.

    *The typical Atheist forces his belief system on others and is incredibly arrogant. That is why I dislike most Atheists. Don’t get me started on them.

    I “predict” 80% of people will not read this post.

    I also “predict” that among the 80% who did not, 10% of them read this post purely because I mentioned my “prediction.”

  21. Michelle – sorry if I don’t feel the need to fly out to the US and then shell out 800 bucks for something that I’m 90% sure is BS before I write a blog post about it.

    And I’m not insisting people believe me at all – I’m simply saying what I believe as another side to the argument. (Most) people are smart enough to make up their own minds.

  22. Contempt prior to investigation?
    Erin definitely has some sort of paranormal ability. A friend got me a reading with her for my birthday one year. While I never believed in any psychics/astrology stuff before, I can definitely say that I was shocked. She knew a couple of specific things about me- about a hidden skill that I have and about an illness I had- that she could not have intuited from my voice, or anything I said, or from a picture of me. To refute the conspiracy argument, my friend couldn’t have told her because my friend didn’t know about these things.

    I do think there are a lot of “psychics” who are just intuitive people, and probably a good number of frauds, but Erin is definitely legitimate- as odd as it sounds to say that. I would love to do another reading with her again, if only I could afford it!

    1. Believer
      April 15, 2010 at 8:07 am

      perhaps she will pay you for saying these things about her she is bound to make loads of cash from
      the publicity

      w forsyth liverpool uk

  23. Umm OK. You think I’m Erin. Want to find out if I’m Erin? Check my IP address and look it up. I think you’ll find it’s not Las Vegas, and a long way away from the US.

    No, didn’t think you would. prefer not to have your little bubble burst.

    You know Andrew, I will second what a few other people have said here. You sound like you’ve got a bit of a problem – a hostility problem towards someone you never met or spoken to. Erin pushed a button or two at some point of yours.

    You know how I know this (wow I am so psychic lmao) – because you discount the other side of the story. Including people who’ve actually got a reading from her (by saying they must be Erin.) Good luck building a weblog anyone listens to.

    It’s a bit like a kid who puts his fingers in his ears and goes la la la when someone says something he doesn’t want to hear.

    I also second what Michelle says:

    I might find your point of view more interesting if you’d actually expanded your horizons and made an investigation of it.

    I’m unsubscribing now. Again, I hope you lose the small-mindedness and the feeling you know everything. Really unattractive qualities to have for the future.

  24. Ellie:

    Point out exactly where I said that anyone that disagrees with me is wrong. What do you think I’ve been doing in the comments section here? Debating my side of the argument. I personally don’t believe in psychic abilities, or the supernatural, or God for that matter, but I’m grown up enough to accept that not everyone shares my viewpoint. That’s fine, that’s what debate is for.

    As far as my having a “hostility problem”, maybe you’re right. Due to my strong opinions, I disagree with what she does. I also had a hostility problem towards the guy who stole my wallet.

  25. LOL i just want to say that erin pavlinas psychic stuff is total garbage. no i will not be persuaded by the fact that it is 500 dollars for a half hour phone conversation. do you know what that is called? perceived demand. im not even a business student and i know that. raise the price of something to make it seem like its in high demand, and people will think it is. HAH

    secondly, psychic abilities do not exist. sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but there is no way to speak with the dead. they are dead, and they are dead. attempting to convince people that one is able to communicate with them is wrong. simply wrong. doing this simply drives emotionally distressed people further into distress, and it is a sham. whether or not erin believes that she can do this is of no consequence, because what she is doing is wrong.

    i think the fact that these people, who are most likely erin, continually threaten the writer of this with unsubscription is laughable. erin, it is obvious that you read this and its pathetic that you read and reply to something that criticizes you. its like being the kid on the playground who…. no. you know what? i dont even need to come up with a silly analogy.

    erin pavlina makes me that mad. wowwwwww i wish i could express my disgust for her better. preying on emotionally weak people is the lowest of the low. charging 800 dollars an hour just lowers that bar.

    one time, i read a blog entry by erins former husband, steve pavlina. he talked about how in order to make money doing something, you must provide something that consumers are willing to pay for. erin does just that, but in a very wrong way.

    in the land of capitalism, it is the same as the wild. the hungry prey on the weak. sad.

    people need to overcome their fears and insecurities and listen to their own voices more. when theres that thing in your head telling you “this is ridiculous,” listen to it! do you want your life in your own hands, or in the hands of a false prophet?

    andrew, this is my first time reading your blog, but your thoughts are very similar to mine. im gonna read it more lol.

  26. hi, i just wanted to say i’ve never had a reading (with any psychic) and i am not a psychic (to the best of my knowledge lol). i saw this post and figured i’d put my two cents into this lively conversation. =P

    i’ll start off by saying that i believe psychics do exist, along with some form of afterlife and a soul. do i believe in spirit guides as well? yes. now, that being said, there are TONS of frauds out there in the psychic trade making a pretty penny for absolute BS. but i think there are a select few (who are probably damn hard to find seeing as how everyone claims to be legit) who truely are able to do the things that they say they can. also, just because someone says they are psychic doesn’t mean that they are able to “contact the dead” or the “other side”. i believe there are some people who are just super intuitive, and that intuition leads them to conclusions that less intuitive people could not achieve.

    that being said, i also feel that all people have SOME SORT of psychic power. personally i have been subject to many precognitive dreams. i’m not saying i predict disasters, but i have had dreams (and written them down in a journal) and then forget about them, to then have the EXACT thing happen and feel familiar. when i go back to look, sure enough the situation was exactly as i described it in the journal.

    the same can also be said of people who avoid disasters and traumas. there are several reports of people that said “something told me not to get on/in that plane/bus/train/car/building” and then sure enough something happened and a tragedy strikes. how else do you explain that? this happens to everyone, even if they don’t care to admit it. some people have said that in times like that, “destiny” takes over and your soul is moving along its preordained path. some say that is what deja vu is. no one knows for sure and that just adds to the mystery and skepticism.

    well, that’s the end of my tyrade for tonight. haha. but i’m sure after a few comments on here i’ll end up posting back. so until next time have fun spreading the “psychics and all such phenominon are BS” BS. =D

  27. “there are several reports of people that said “something told me not to get on/in that plane/bus/train/car/building” and then sure enough something happened and a tragedy strikes. how else do you explain that?”

    There are probably millions of reports of people saying “I have a bad feeling about that plane. Don’t get on that plane” and then absolutely nothing happens. There are also hundreds of people who haven’t said “don’t get on that plane” and then it crashes. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, has correctly predicted a plane crash or a car crash – it’s almost a certainty purely due to the law of large numbers.

  28. why’d you remove jessie’s post? cus it was saying something good about my post? lol. that hardly seems fair. =P
    anywho, you could attribute that to just sheer numbers i guess, so that was a bad example on my part. haha oh well, live and learn right? but what about what i said about my dreams that came true? here are two more examples, taking place within my immediate family. the first is of my mother, and this one cannot be verified for sure, but i figured i’d include it anyway. when she was young (12ish i think is what she said) she woke up in the middle of the night from a horrible dream that her grandmother had gotten out of bed to do whatever and then fell down the stairs to her death. her mother dismissed it as BS and told her to go back to sleep. the next morning when the nurse that attended her grandmother came to work, she found my mom’s grandmother laying dead at the bottom of the stairs. the time of death was estimated to be around the time when my mom had had the dream. freaky huh?
    the second instance is something that i myself witnessed my sister heather do. we were on a road trip and made a stop in a town that none of us had ever been to. we checked into our hotel mid-afternoon and then went to get a late lunch. we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and my sister said “i’ve been here before”. my mom said “no you haven’t, none of us have even been to this city before, let alone this restaurant.” then we went inside and my sister said “yeah, i’ve DEFINATLY been here before…” to which my mom again replied no, none of us had been. about halfway through the meal my mom needed to go to the restroom and wondered out loud where was it? my sister then told her exactly where it was, how many stalls, sinks, and even the designs on the stall doors. my mom laughed and left, but when she came back she looked kinda in shock and was like “oh. my. god. that was EXACTLY how you described it!!! but that’s not possible! you have never been here with family or on any kind of field trip, and no one we know has lived around here and you were spot on.” can you explain that one? hahaha.

  29. Having recently received a reading by Erin Pavlina, I was not impressed. She fishes for information by asking leading questions and when pressed to give a specific answer she says “your guides aren’t clear about that.” Erin is a waste of money, but that doesn’t mean every psychic out there is. I know of one operating out of Berkeley who is the real deal. Akasha Madron is one of the best psychic readers I’ve ever come across. If it weren’t for her, I would believe that all psychics and so-called mediums are scam artists. She doesn’t make phony predictions but instead gets at the emotional depth of a situation. She will not ask you leading questions and prefers it when you don’t tell her anything. Sorry, don’t mean for this to be free advertising for Akasha, but she is a treasure and living proof of why we shouldn’t give up on the notion that human cognitive abilities have great potential and very probably go way beyond the purely analytic.

  30. I recently had a reading with Erin. I wish I’d seen this site earlier. I think Erin is a terrible psychic. She kept asking me leading questions and didn’t have any answers to questions I asked.
    I suppose it’s my fault for being such an idiot and paying her $500 for 30 minutes of completely useless ‘guidance’.

    She seems to be a nice person and is not malicious, but she’s definitely not a good psychic.

    People, please learn from my mistake and save your money.

  31. I’ve had experiences with psychics on Ebay and other psychic services online, and I can tell you what Erin is most likely doing for some of her clients to give such “accurate” readings.

    Once you click to purchase a reading from Erin, you are sent to a secure order form in which it asks for your information (Name, Phone, Email, City, State, Zip, Country, Credit Card Information). Once you send that info over, Erin has it, and she can do a simple Google Search, or Free/Cheap Record Search on your name to find more information about you that you most likely don’t even know exists about you online.

    During 4 different psychic readings from psychics online (I never had a reading with Erin, but other so-called psychics do this), I was given initials of a few of my relatives, and of those who are passed. They got this information from various free records online when they searched for my name, after seeing my name in the paypal and ebay emails that were sent to them!

    It’s funny how many people give psychics on Ebay such great reviews, but most people are pretty clueless about information you can find out about someone online before giving them a reading.

    I’m pretty sure the positive comments on Erin in this post are related to her giving out names, or the information of deceased loved ones. Much information can be found online with a simple google search, court record search, white pages search, etc.

    Be warned of all online psychics on the internet! Many are doing searches on your name, as it’s so easy to search online these days and find information about someone. Granted not everyone has easily accessible information online (especially those not in the USA), but many do, and that’s most likely where many of the positive reviews come from.

  32. One of the main criticisms of psychics (and astrology) is that they provide general statements that could be perceived as true by a large number of receptive individuals. But isn’t the contra-positive also true?

    What you take away from anything in life is heavily biased by your attitude when you enter the situation. A believe will find truth and a skeptic will always find fault regardless of the statements made.

  33. I can honestly say that I’ve been addicted to phone psychic readings for a good chunk of my life, starting from when I was having relationship problems in my first year of university. I’ve have readings from local psychics in my area (Toronto) to the ones from popular psychic websites such as Keen, Liveperson, etc, you name it, I’ve done it. I realized after a year or so that probably 99.9% of them are scammers, but the hope that ‘maybe this one will be accurate’ kept me going. I also have to say that it became an addiction just like any other drug or alcohol addictions and it only stopped when I maxed out my credit cards and went onto stealing my parents credit cards to pay for a reading. I became pretty depressed and had to see a psychiatrist for a while before I could go back to being somewhat normal.

    I realize that my case would be a little too extreme than most people, but here is something I would like to point out from my personal experiences. When I visited Erin Pavlina’s website (I happened to see her link on Steve Pavlina’s website when I was searching for his raw food blog entries) the first thing that threw me off was her services to ‘train’ people that may or may not have genuine psychic abilities. I personally find this to be very skeptic because since Erin claims to be a ‘mental medium’ herself, she should know that genuine psychic abilities are something your naturally born with not built on teaching them tricks and tools to read people.

    I have personally never received a reading from Erin (and never will, in fact don’t planning on getting readings from anyone period) she would know that anyone who is willing to pay a whopping 800 dollars for a session is desperate and ready to believe just about anything she will tell them. Steve Pavlina describes her as a not a money oriented individual but judging from her prices that statement is truly laughable. I do believe that her practice is manipulative. Even famous TV mediums such as Chip Coffey has somewhat more reasonable rates (around 200 last time I checked) so I definitely wouldn’t waste my time or money on her even if she has some genuine abilities.

  34. Thanks for this post, I am not a believer of anything supernatural, superstitious, or religious. I think Erin Pavlina is a complete fraud. As is anybody who is marketing themselves as a psychic. She has already said she will not allow any scientific studies done on her “abilities.” Fucking ridiculous. I cannot believe ANYBODY believes this shit, grow up people! Ghosts aren’t real, psychics aren’t real, alchemy is not real, witches aren’t real, magic isn’t real, grow the fuck up people.

    Somebody working their way towards a PhD. in the medical field.

  35. Dave:

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. In all likelihood, Erin knows that she would not be able to convince anyone in the sciences or medicine of the efficacy of her techniques, so she doesn’t even bother trying. And inevitably, she needs to spin this somehow, so that it doesn’t appear that she is just shirking away from actually validating her claims. So she may say something like “my abilities can’t be quantified in the traditional way”, or “modern science doesn’t have the tools to recognise and understand my abilities” or something like that.

    It may well be that Erin is doing all this subconsciously – she may in fact believe that she has psychic abilities, and wiggling out of scientific testing like this is her way of rationalizing her lack of actual, proven ability.

    And, as always, remember that the plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’. Just because several people say they’ve had positive, beneficial readings with Erin does not prove anything (one way or the other).

  36. I google on steve pavlina but it also appear with scam at the end of his name. That is how I came to this website.
    I believe there will be another world after our death. That world is a place for the spirit before it goes to heaven or hell.
    I believe that some people have the ability to communicate with them. But, from my experience only the bad spirit that want to communicate with us. The good spirit will only appear in our dream and they will just looking at us, silent and not talking.
    For Erin Pavlina, please be careful with the abilities that you have. You might get friends from bad spirit to connect you with the dead people.

  37. I was recently bored at work one day and started searching things like astral projection to try and entertain myself. ( much like why i am posting a blog right now haha). Anyways Erin pavlina came up and her articles seemed to be very interesting and naturally they linked me into steve’s as well. After spending a couple days reading their articles and their views on life I decided to check out some counter articles and other sites like this which share other peoples opinions about them. I found two articles which I feel are worth sharing here. The first one is called steve pavlina is the devil and it pretty much just discredits everything he does and stands for. It’s pretty funny and I suggest you google it. The second article is the one I really thought was exceptional. Personal development for starving Africans.
    the first step to personal development is to find a piece of paper or bark and write or scratch a list of words until you find one that makes you emotional. you will need to have a clear head to do this so you will need to forget the fact that you are covered in feces and do not have any food to feed your children or yourself. so once you arent crying about those you should be able to find your true purpose. I am not going to ramble on about how funny it is but I highley suggest you check it out. Church of apathy

  38. I had a reading with with ERin in person when she first began giving them 4 years ago and everything she said came to be true. My boyfriend at the time was beginning to have visions and was very fearful of what was happening to him. ERin was kind enough to meet us and speak to my boyfriend to help calm him and make him understand what was happening. She didn’t charge us a penny and was so compassionate and authentic which is a far cry from what is happening on this site. This can’t feel good to any of you. Go out and create love….and no this is not Erin.

  39. I have not recieved a reading from erin but I have recieved readings from 4 different pyschics. I dont think I would pay 500$ for any reading from anybody. 3 of the psychics were all extremely accurate. I also had a turkish coffee reading from my friends mom, and a mini one from a pyschic i bumped into in a store and openly started telling me about myself and family members. My friends mom told me among other things that in about a week a bald male from my past who is not in my life now will contact me. I thought in my head it is either my dad or this guy i was seeing that i hadnt seen or heard from in 6 months. the guy I hadnt heard from called me a week later. One pyshic described to me in great detail the exact personality of my father, and my ex boyfriend down to a tee even described how they looked like and the things they would say. All 4 of them told me that I am empathic and when I looked it up (signs you are an empath) the description matched me perfectly. 1 of the pyshics was more general and kind of did more healing work on me (if i were trying to convince someone that pyshics exist i would not have recommended this particular one)… she did tell me about a tramatic experience i had when i was 3 but she kind of dwelled on that for an hour when i had other questions, wheras the other pyshics were very accurate and quick to answer my questions and ready for the next one.

  40. Hey I really liked your site. I was looking for information about astrology when I found your site, (you’d laugh at some of the search results those terms bring up at times) but in this case I’m really glad that I did find it. I run an astrology blog myself, which is why I was doing research on the topic in the first place, I will admit I do get distracted easily, but I try to stay focused. There’s just so much to learn out there. (Can never know too much). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and views with me and everyone else! I look forward to reading more in the future. 🙂

  41. With havin so much content and articles do you ever run into any issues of plagorism or copyright violation? My blog has a lot of exclusive content I’ve either written myself or outsourced but it appears a lot of it is popping it up all over the internet without my agreement. Do you know any methods to help reduce content from being ripped off? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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  43. Andrew are you still around, moderating this message board? if so I have an update from my post of over two years ago.

  44. Okay, I misspelled my own name (which was not my real name as I said). I posted as Zanya, not Zonya…but you can see by my email (please keep private) that I am the same person. Thanks, and please let me know if you are still moderating here.

  45. Well, I am hesitant to post in too much detail. One of the reasons is because I had asked you immediately if you would let me edit my initial post and you didn’t let me. Your blog, but still…

    That being said, Erin’s guidance on the matter that I set up the reading for played out to be completely wrong. She was right about other things, but those were not things that I needed to know. And the reading seemed like a very positive experience at the time. However, I followed her guidance and it was truly a catastrophe. It was the worst of all worlds because it took a long time (2 years) to fully play out, and I was actually stunned at how wrong this particular advice turned out to be.

    I do believe Erin has psychic powers, but she obviously doesn’t have the degree of control over them that she thinks she does and it seems that if she doesn’t get an actual psychic message to pass on, she instead answers with ordinary common sense reasoning. The directive that she gave me seemed sensible enough. And yet, it was absolutely wrong. Also, I gave her minimal information so that makes a ‘reasonable answer’ actually dangerous. If I am going to reason something out, then I need time to go through all aspect of the decision in full detail. It’s a completely different approach/process than ‘psychic guidance’ – which is what I was signing up for.

    As I said, I was really stunned by how badly this turned out… I trusted Erin based on Steve’s writings which I had been following for about 3 years. And her writings as well. If you have never had a lucid dream, it is quite an amazing experience. I believe Erin is sincere and not aware of her limitations. Again, I do think psychic phenomena is real based on many personal experiences but going to somebody else for this kind of guidance is something I would never do, and never recommend, ever again.

  46. Ahaa, its nice conversation on the topic of this paragraph at this place at this web site, I have
    read all that, so at this time me also commenting here.

  47. There are no absolutes in life. The energy spent on this issue makes it quite apparent that so many believe or wish to believe in psychic pheonomena. So few actually know and those who do utilize personal experience as their base.
    Now, for all those skepetical, remember you are sitting on a great big spere of eneryg we like to call Earth. If your existence itself isn’t a phenomena then what is. Your place is not a static expression of individuality but a series of events, choices that mirror an individuals set of paradigms, conscious or otherwise. There will always be frauds, there will be those who are better than others just like anything else. There will be haters and there will be admirers. Why not charge what you feel you are worth. If you go to a reading a looking for answers you can’t find on your own or don’t want to hear in the first place or doesn’t pan out the way you had hoped that is on you. You are responsible for your life, your choices. You go to a psychic hoping for a miracle. An easy way out. You want answers to the unknown. For stupid stuff as well, like is he or she my soul mate. The answer can be right just as much as it can be wrong depending on you, has more than one potential outcome and yet you still want absolutes. Heads, tails, right, wrong, up, down. Duality is inherent. Don’t worry about what she is doing. live your own damn life, embrace the unknown and stop being ignorant. This is a big bad ass expanse we inhabit. I am certain there is much more going on the we can possibly comprehend or would even want to. Ask a skeptic to prove it and they can only to a point. Ask a psychic to do the same and they can only to a point. It is the same thing….

  48. Erin Pavlina is a fraud. Seeing her massive, pie eating smiling face on her site alongside the hilarious, vulgarly inflated ‘readings’ prices makes me ill. 15 minutes on the phone for 200 plus dollars? And I believe in psychic abilities i just think the real ones don’t hawk their ‘gifts’ while bendiing gullible people over and grabbing their wallets. I am quite intuitive, but most certainly not psychic. I know someone who had a reading with her (not me, thankfully) and it was vague cold reading. All you need to do is look at her and the vibe is just deceptive and greedy. That is something I would take to the bank

  49. Hi, I’ve just come across your post by accident – and am horrified, firstly that psychics would charge such an exorbitant fee …for something that is God Given…and for me I would do it any day for no pay – cause its what I love – when you do what you love and love what you do –then aint that the gift of life and giving?
    If it brings additional blessings then so be it.

    For free…or by donation is my price, for in that – as I serve, all my needs are provided for – all that I need is taken care of -and usually above and beyond my daily need or expectations.

    I give readings, I am a medium, have been since birth – but people find me, I don’t advertise, its word of mouth, and my fee…. is decided by the receiver not by me as to the true value of what they have received by spending time with me and spirit.

    We (as light workers) are supposed to heal the wounds and wounding of life and death that not all people understand. But whilst I have an ability to help – the only one that helps me are God, Angels and my guides.

    I’m guided …and again – I cannot reiterate how horrified I am that a psychic would even consider charging such prices.

    Surely you must have been in a place of deep need and despair – and I can only tell you that through all of this that you are a better person and I pray a wiser person for the experience.

    You should always trust what your ‘gut instinct’ tells you ….too many people THINK that things are right when they aren’t – and no amount of feeling will ever be reached through the caravan of thinking.

    It’s a tough gig – but if we strive for balance (hard to do sometimes) when we are spiralling or having too many everyday things falling apart, its hard to find any common ground, so we reach of assistance, we reach for guidance, we reach out to ones who are wise, more knowing. But you know what – we are all born with an inner knowing, and born with the wisdom that will see us through this life – if only we learn to listen to what is not been said as to what is.

    The line between life and death is a thin veil, and once lifted, brings reconciliation with all realms of existence – yours, mine and the ones that have left us behind – are then able to find a way back to your heart and mind.

    So light a candle or speak there name – Open your heart and close your mind – and there in you will become your own wise counsel, your best adviser and seeker of knowing – and you WILL know when to give others a wide berth.

    And there in those that have passed (they don’t like to be dead) will show they are still living and existing- just a breathe away from us.


  50. “Sapphire may or may not be Erin. She seems very ill-tempered AND polite at the same time, which suggests a mix between anger and realizing rude people always lose arguments. Any good deceiver knows this tactic, but by hiding under the guise of being someone else…”

    Sapphire is most definitely 100% Steve Pavlina. That is HIS writing style, not Erin’s. That polite, ill tempered person- where he is muttering curses under sweet words, that’s Steve. Steve Pavlina is a psychopath/sociopath and that is exactly how they talk. Psychopaths (1 in every 20 people) are all remarkably similar in behavior…

  51. I have had similar experiences as Zanya has posted since I have gotten readings from various psychics. Now, I havent particularly had a reading with Erin-I am just not willing to pay that much. However, I did find her articles to be interesting, particularly concerning astral projection.

    Anyway, what I have found is that genuine psychics/mediums/clairvoyants often have huge limitations. When I used to get readings, they would be spot on about things that I wasn’t interested in…like a family issue or work issue..in explicit detail. But they could never provide any accurate info concerning the issues I called about..which were mostly relationship issues. Most predictions turned left from what they said. Basically, they know some things, but not all. And it can be dangerous either way to trust them completely with your issues. A lot of the times, they know they are not picking up on things and will start with the fishing questions. Most ethical ones will end the session after a few questions and explain that they are not connecting to you for some reason. Having said that, I have had predictions come through exactly as stated…but those were very few and far between. The biggest gift in getting readings was getting contact from passed on relatives (and no, they couldnt google me or find out about them online since they were from another country).

    And to the blog owner, if you don’t believe in the psychic world, check out this forum from clients around the world that get readings…and what their ultimate experiences were. ThePsychicReviews.com.

    Be Blessed

  52. She and her ex-husband Steve are both successful charlatans, she used to make a mint out of her ex husband popularity, then he dumped her, close down the forum from where she operated her business and now she has her own website making easy money. I think people charging you that kind of money for ‘counselling’ should be prosecuted for fraud.

  53. Although this is an old thread I would like to thank everyone for their post. I was seriously thinking about paying $200-$400 for a reading from Erin Pavlina, but changed my mind after reading post here written by people that actually paid for readings with Erin and felt they wasted their money. I once had an authentic reading so I know real psychics do exist. I will continue my search for a real psychic. Thanks again for saving me a big chunk of cash.

  54. I believe in her abilities because I have them myself. I just don’t use them publicly as she has bravely chosen to do which exposes her to closed minded individuals such as yourself. However, if I do choose to go public, I won’t let someone like you chase me off. After all they crucified Jesus because of fear and ignorance.

  55. Oh my, Erin on this post sounds almost exactly like my obsessive-compulsive ex. When we broke up, he was on the offensive, then switched to being defensive, then tried to make the light of the situation and what-not. I’m surprised she hasn’t been sued yet — or has she?

    Andrew, thank you so much for this post. Your writing was both informative and entertaining. I got a good laugh out of your post and Erin’s hilariously pathetic follow-up comments. Keep up the good work! 😉

  56. psychics have connection with police, some government officers… they know you telephone numbers, or e-mails, or bank accounts, they have good connections. I find out. 🙁

  57. Hi, I have read Erin’s Blogs and her ex-husbands blogs for sometime now, taking what is interesting and dumping what is not. Interestingly enough I find her not too say too much she seems careful rather on the surface. I have had only one 35.00 psychic reading done in my life so far, ok now don’t laugh the reading was with California Psychics. This lady brought up the death of one of my horses that I owned in 1984 that I had not given any thought too in years she knew it’s name and why and how I sold it, I actually had to think for a moment about what she was talking about. Meaning she was not getting this from reading my mind. Any way my most HUGE complaint is the price that Psychics charge for their so called gift. From the start I have thought Erin Pavlina’s prices are based purely on Ego and I believe it to be disgusting. It’s just like Reiki that I am also attuned too I use it on myself, I hated the fact that you had to pay to get an energy that is available to all people. We are all psychic and intuitive if we would just sit be quite and go inside, slowly we will all get answers. I have been working to open to my abilities, for years and pretty much stick to people and authors who help you with lessons to get in touch with yourself. As our world changes, one, just now more than ever must listen to that little voice inside. My advice is what my Step Dad used to make me do before I bought anything that was more than 3.00 when I was a kid, I was made to think about it for three days and if in three days I still wanted it that bad I could go get it with my own money. Usually after three days I was more happy to keep my money. These days I compare every thing with the price of a massage which helps with more than a lot of things when one is hurting inside or outside and 800.00 could buy 16 one hour massages. I believe in and use natural medicine I also believe in looking for answers to life’s mysteries from places not tangible in nature, but being burned by many so called natural healers in the 70’s I am much more careful now. I don’t know where so many Psychics get off thinking they are worth more than a surgeon, or that natural healers think they are some how worth more than a regular doctor but many do. For me I just ask myself how does this really feel to me? And my heart 99% of the time tells me BE CAREFUL. If I had a so called gift to see into others lives I would charge a price like maybe 25.00 an hour most people could afford that and would not feel so awful if they did not get anything out of it. I could go on a bit more about my feelings, I won’t. My advice if it seems too high to the point of you saying what the Hell, are they serious move on. P.S. I of all people wish people would be kind and fair to each other, do onto others. This would be a great place to start.

  58. After reading this entire thread, I have decided to unsubscribe to both Steve and Erin’s site. I have enjoyed many of the stories of inspiration on both sites, but the more I read the more ripped off and sad I became for the people who posted here. I could have been anyone of them at many points in my very traumatic life. I want to add something though, I went for Psychodynamic Psycho Therapy and Nero Feedback at the urging of a regular Doctor. I went for three years and spent 30,000.00 of my life savings. The Therapist was a PHD and licensed. He did to me what Erin and others like her have done to so many people. Transference and Countertransference became a huge issue for both of us instead of working through it with me as he should have, he dismissed me and threatened to have me committed if I contacted him. It took me three years to undo the damage he caused me and my family. I was told by other professionals I went to for help that he should have been stripped of his license and privilege to practice for what he had done to me, and he works with many children. I agree that there are so many unlicensed and licensed people out there that want to charge obscene amounts of money for their so called healing services. I want to believe so badly in energy that cannot be seen and in an afterlife. I have spent just about my entire life on a Journey to open to life and ideas that reside in other dimensions. I was raised in an Atheist family but knew in my heart from the time I was six that there was something way bigger than me when it came to my existence and this beautiful planet we call Earth. I am a Seeker of Truth and have been since 1971 when my Dad passed away suddenly, I was eleven. I told my family there and then that if it took me the rest of my life I would find out where the energy that was so huge and happy the person that was my DAD, was. I ache inside for all of the fraud in this world and there is so much and much of it does come with a license, certificate, or degree attached to it. For me, as this thread has been a real wake up call, I will be more cautious than ever before, I am in much pain in my life right now, I have lost my Beloved Mother and my 25 year marriage is falling apart and I am in love with another man. At this moment I am going to seek council from my own heart and while I do this I will never let go of my faith that there is something bigger than me in all of this. Peace to all of us and may the Universe be real and Bless us.

  59. So, sorry to (still) bother you with comments Andrew.
    I have never had a psyhic reading, and deffinetly not with Erin( i mean whoaa, i’m a high schooler, come on! that kind of money is impossible). However, i used to be quite a big fan of her blog until awhile back. What made me change my mind was, mostly, the fact that she doesn’t use her own abilities to help her during her everyday life. And when she does, it deffietly gets posted on her blog.

    However, i DO believe that supernatural stuff exists. Like body energy and controling it’s flow, usually through the hands; in fact, i was astonished by how many of my close friends had had a past with this ability-

    I can’t really proove it to you, in fact I didn’t believe in it either, until i felt it on my skin. But i’m just saying. Try it for yourselves if you wish for it.

    Also, I’d really appreciate it if someone explained to me this phenomena in a scientific way. I’ve heard quite alot from my friend regarding this topic, but she wasn’t too into it so i couldn’t get alot out. I DID find it on the net, on some try-it kind of sites, but it didn’t say alot, it just described the process.

    That’s all, i guess. sorry if i got off the topic.

  60. Great stuff Andrew. Life is hard and I don’t believe anyone has the answers. I came across Erin’s website after doing a search on Google for “Knowing when to give up and commit suicide”. After reading her article “The Afterlife Experience for Those Who Suicide” and then reviewing her rates for a phone reading, I went back to Google and searched for “Erin Pavlina Scam” and that’s how I ended up here. Well, I’m sure glad I did. Although I feel quite hopeless for the future, mostly as a result of the very poor choices I made in my life, you helped me snap back into reality. When you are hopeless and you’ve tried everything in the hopes of a reprieve from your mental anguish, you’ll believe almost anything, even in psychics. We can’t all be superstars. For one to rise, another must fail. Truth is a very hard pill to swallow.

  61. Erin gave me a psychic reading years ago. I think she did a good job at picking up on what was going on with me. I also think she’s a fraud. She said she picked up on Michael Jackson’s energy after he passed and gave details on how he felt after he died blah blah blah. Well, guess what folks, Michael Jackson faked his death. Proof is on youtube. Go to michael jackson death: media hoax. There’s 14 videos that detail this and if you believe he’s still alive after watching this, then I feel sorry for you. Tying this into Erin Pavlina, she’s a liar and a disinformant as many psychics online are.

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  63. I’m an idiot, I think I get ripped off too… 🙁 Sadly.
    She’s totally no way a psychic. She charged me 400 for an email reading, and just gave me some general common sense information.
    I wrote to her after to get some more clarification, but she didn’t reply.
    I will keep everyone posted and see if she replies and see what she’s going to tell. That will give everyone some sight whether Erin Pavlina is a scam. But I think most likely, I lost my 400 for nothing. Just sad.
    Anyone have any experience to get a refund?? What I get is way much worse than what I got from any psychic

  64. You can get a charge back from the credit card that you used. i did it before and it will take a few days. Just say it was fraud..since she mislead you about what you would get in your reading.

    Erin is also listed in the SPSreview forum…no one seemed to have a good experience with her there.

    I do admit that there are real psychics that can have a bad day. But clearly, if people are getting bad readings from her consistently, she has no problem scamming people.

  65. Kind of sad how people can be so gullible. :C Reading her blog, however, I do get the impression that Erin herself believes she has magic powers. Probably a way to deal with some complex she has.

  66. I wonder after reading through so many of your stories of Erin, how many of you have met her in person? How many of you know how kind hearted genuine and caring a person Erin is. To insinuate that she is writing her own reviews, she is fake, phony etc is awful. Erin has didn’t know anything about me, but knew I was struggling in many many ways, a mutual friend told Erin, that he had a friend that could use her, if she had any time on her schedule. Not only did she not know me or what I needed, she called within hours, point blank knew what was happening, allowed me to ask a few questions, probably spent an hour of her time, helped me tremendously….and would not take a payment. She did this out of kindness. I have since met and had personal readings as well as phone and email, never ever leading the conversation. So to all the name callers and nay-Sayers you chose her because you were led to her, she is so kind in person, you should think twice of what you say. Again, you chose to spend your money with Erin, of the thousands of people you could have chosen, you must have felt in your heart it was right or you would not have done it. Before you spend that kind of money on anything you do your research, right, I would imagine you researched Erin before you booked your appt.

    Andrew, I really don’t understand your hostility towards Erin, but you must not know her, or have met her.

    And…no this is Not Erin, my name is Lisa and proudly say I am now a devoted friend and follower of Erin!

  67. Ok.. So if I were to say I am satisfied with Erin’s readings and all that or that I think there is a possibility there she is psychic,

    My ‘prediction’ is you will think I’m her won’t you but in fact I could be some random person on the net who feels its a little ridiculous that you are acting sooooo defensively on your opinion posted and that as long if anyone disagrees you r just going to try to force their opinion into their brain or accuse the person is Erin? Well….. I know you probably mean well to warn people to not get ripped off or anything but, don’t go trying to accuse and force people to think the way you do! And if all of this is because someone close to you or yourself had a reading or any contact with her and was un satisfied just say so! If you have a grudge on her just say so instead of going on accusing people who says shes good is her.This page can just warn smart people and let those who are so naive get ripped off! Why bother about them…. Don’t waste your time…

    Btw ill just leave you guys to ‘figure out’.. Anyway I’ve only read the first few ( ten?) comments…

  68. So, what exists that cannot be handled utilized or examined? Apparently some of you believe that your internal energy is off limits to you. Some of you seem to believe that if you cannot see it it must not exist. I disagree with those of you who may believe these things. Nothing of me is off limits to me. I also believe we are made of similar stuff which must follow some basic rules. For example we all are expected to react badly to having all of our blood removed from our bodies, and it is not unreasonable to expect any of us to be saddened by the loss of a close friend. Physically and spiritually though we are all individuals we are much the same.
    How arrogant would I be to assume that there is no one who is better equipped at being human than I am? As I don’t know Erin well enough to say anything about her, I will not, but is it so hard to believe that someone would be better at reading energy than you? It is a sad world you describe in which we have no means to adjust our internal mechanisms. I for one, will not stop collecting what makes sense and keeping what works. I suggest all of you do the same.
    anyway, my cartoons are coming on, I just wanted to see if anyone would say that I am Erin. maybe I’m Steve! O_O

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  70. Just wanted to comment that I find it extremely creepy that Erin (at this moment) is in exactly 666 people’s google circle. Coincidence? …I’ve only read through about half of the comments here so i may be a bit late to the party, but I am really enjoying them, and after i post this, i will continue. Goes great with a glass of Captain Morgan’s. 😀

  71. @Jojo, Hi! Are you are still offering free readings? I’m wondering what career I should look into, especially one that is fulfilling, helps people, and let’s me become my ideal self. Haha, I pretty much accidentally stumbled upon this website and then saw your comment. I don’t want to pass by this opportunity for insight, especially if it’s free. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  72. Holy cow.
    How can this be a matter for debate? Her claims are so obviously made up that a child could see through them.
    The idea that she is a caring, “good person” is laughable. Unless she is mentally ill, which does not appear to be the case, she is cynically conning the most credulous and poorly educated people in America out of their meagre savings.
    The sad thing is that exposing her as a fraud would change nothing. People
    who are inclined to believe in such things would merely transfer their attention to crystals, alien abduction, scientology or something else.

  73. ( not the same Julie who posted above)

    Thanks for this timely post Andrew. The fact that this one thread alone is still getting responses for years speaks for itself. I wish it had existed years ago when I in an extreme bout of desperation paid the astronomical fee of $500 and got….nothing. Back then, i did a massive google searchbut found nothing on her, so this post comes across as a divine justice. Had followed steve’s blog, (some of his earlier content were really good) and her blogs sounded decent and in a moment of extreme pain, paid her price. Biggest mistake and given my financial status then, definitely felt the pinch. It felt horrid esp given the principles of truth they both seem to advocate so strongly.

    She sounded as though talking from very long distance bcos voice quality was not that great, call lasted 20 mins or so, the usual balderdash as you mentioned above, some gobbledykook about chakras which made absolutely no sense, she could give no clear insight on the specific career/ relationship questions I asked and bob her guide had no useful advice to give. A quick regurgitation and the rest, just radio silence. Of course I did not have any way of posting my view because she posted on her own testimonial site! Some time later, found out about their divorce. By then steve’s content had also deteriorated/ at least no longer as relevant. Back then i was so impressionable , would have been paid the astronomical fee of their conferences.

    Am sure she takes inspiration from steve to make quick money but their racket wont last for long. People can be fooled once, but do this repeatedly and you lose enough goodwill over time. Also saw their online interview, which to me, showed their superficiality and fakeness in stark black and white…maybe they are still delusional about their abilities.

    She is definitely a fake. Too bad, I wasnt smart enough. Found another psychic Elizabeth Rose was definitely better….had a good first reading. She gave her own impressions without prompting and yet, with a second reading i made a mistake of following her advice which brought me to a dark place, and was against the ones given to me by me well wishers. She came across asa. Psychic but, put me off this entire business. (Would have never given my reviews, if I hadnt stumbled upon this post by pure serendipity).

    Psychics can only make out impressions, which do not always show up at a scheduled time, a lot of their thinking is also muddled up, so taking advice from such people is pure foolishness. Most of them live in a cocooned world, and are not the best people for objective advice. The one who askedf or career consultation, just check in with a career counselor…its as simple and effective as that.

    p.s. Last I checked, steve’s blog no longer has links to erin’s blog.

    p.p.s. Thanks for giving me a chance to post my reviews here,it was maddening to see her tall claims and not having a venue to give my views.

  74. id go for # 1. and I’ll at #4, she’s a false prophet leading people to think disgusting things that are against the Bible and works for the devil. I addressed over 25 people on her Facebook page to warm them about her and what the Bible says about her teachings and they still worship her. I pray that this woman ceases to have control over others & stealing money.

  75. Jordanna, you hit the nail on the head. False prophet; her voices/guides are demonic spirits speaking to her. Unfortunately, she’s too self-centered to see this. The worst part is, she’s leading all her followers down the same dark path.

  76. The SAME Bible where in Numbers & Deuteronomy it ok’s the rape of women, or KILLING PEOPLE who don’t share the same FAITH as you??? Amazing how dim-witted people quote the bible, without having ever READ IT.. . .

    1. Thank you @Diamondcutter, Christian hypocrisy somehow always invades every comment section. 😉
      I studied “the Bible” in grad school intensely as a collection of texts as the “book” itself was merely invented and voted upon in the 300’s CE as a compendium of disparate and often contradictory texts to ensure homogeneous (orthodoxy) control over people. And that legacy still lingers as in the goofy demonic, dark path BS comment.

      I stumbled upon this looking up something fairly unrelated but I’m reading /posting this YEARS after the original and I can safely say the gullibility of people has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt as of 2016. 😉

  77. I just wanted to say this. Let’s say she is the real deal, I find it morally wrong to charge insane amounts of money, or money as all, for something that is about spirituality, love, “god,the infinite wisdom, ect”, and most of all compassion! I too was duped big time, and I remember crying myself to sleep b/c I not only waisted a lot of money, I too felt “raped”.
    I myself am not a full on fortune teller or anything, but I have my personal beliefs though experiences that I can’t explain. I was so desperate for answers, and still am, after I had very strange things happen to me. I know this is going to sound like hog wash, but for me I know it’s the truth. I’ve had visions of what I believe were past lives I researched and found out one of my “stories” that I thought I made up was all completely true. A location I’ve never been to and minor people in history I knew NOTHING about. I don’t know exactly how but that’s not all. I, along with a friend one time, saw a real ghost that faded in front of BOTH our eyes. I had a quick vision of being on a stretcher, but didn’t know why or how it was possible. Not long after I found myself in a stretcher going into the hospital, just not for the reason I assumed. I got nothing but a vision. A vision is unlike ANY dream I have ever had! I wasn’t on drugs or anything, I wasn’t even thinking about anything most of the times it happened. They are as vivid as actually being there, but it doesn’t last long. I can not force this though, not that I’m aware of anyway.
    Ok, so I have my beliefs, but there’s SO MUCH greed and BS out there that it stops us from REALLY trying to understand that there just MAY be more to life than we know! These greedy frauds are, in my opinion, not only hurting people, but they could be even slowing down our human evolution! Most people, in my opinion, who REALLY are psychic keep it to themselves b/c they know better. (I was so flabbergasted and amazed by all the weird things I experienced it’s hard to be alone in it and never be able to get that outside conformation from others. I learned my lesson, but silt find it hard at times.) I think it all comes down to this is more an inward experience. A test of trust in yourself and all you experience.
    Once again though, to charge what some people charge is SICK! There are people out there suffering DEEPLY and whether it be b/c of a lost love or they too experience things they can not explain, they think they found the ONE person who can TRULEY help them! I understand people need to make a living, but THIS is NOT the way!! Get a REAL job, b/c even if you are psychic this is something you should do out of COMPASSION!!!!

  78. I am typically a neutral person who amost always sees the best in people no matter what they do or who they are. I am wondering a few things here, after reading your review and many of these comments. First of course is why you seem to be so obviously aggravated and negative about Erin? If what she does for a living doesn’t affect your life…and please don’t tell me “other victims of her” rights is your business or that it is what affects you personally, then why are you so appalled with what she does? Any halfway intelligent individual, depressed or not, understands the risk of spending “$800 an hour” (or the cost for less time that she advertises) on something like this. Don’t spend the money if you’re not willing to lose it…it’s that simple…
    There are many people who can relate to her story and then there are skeptics…to each his own right?
    I also wonder if you’ll refer to me as Erin in one of your posts as you do in many other comments found here whenever someone tries to defend her work???
    I’m a little offended myself at that…by the way…I am an actual person not named Erin…

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  80. drop into the Alpha zone and in so doing initiate meditation immediately.
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  81. I had a reading from Erin, about 8 years ago. It was the biggest waist of $300 in my life. It was for 30 mins (not 15 mins as it is now, really?). During the first few minutes she said the guides were giving her images of me eating popcorn and thumbing through magazines, unsure of what to do, and that I should make a decision, any decision and just go with it. True I was eating a lot a popcorn then, but aren’t we all in question most of the time. That was the only message the guides had for me. For the next 27 minutes or so she gave me friendly advice, typical advice any friend would offer for free and then rushed me off the phone at precisely the 30 min mark, which I imagine was to make her next $300 off of some other hurting person like me. I was emotionally ripped apart, spending my last dimes during a tough time in life all in the name of hope. Anyways, I know for a fact, and I think we can all agree, that any truly decent human being and “genuine” psychic would have been affected charging $300 for this session. The guides were apparently there just for a short minute when she could no longer communicate with them. Don’t you think that calls for a discount, say on a future session. Really? Even after all this time every once in a while I listen to our call hoping to hear something that makes sense for my life, hoping that the money spent was not in vain, but it never works out that way.

    My reading was nothing like the ones in her reviews. I was paying for that experience and it never happened. So I have to question the validity of her and these reviews. How can she be a genuinely kind human being who really does care about others situations. In my experience, she is nothing more than a HUSTLER, emphatically said. So please, beware. Again, do you really want to give your hard earned money in your vulnerable state to someone who truly doesn’t care. Ask yourself, how can any decent, trustworthy, kind person charge such an absurd amount of money (realizing it’s absurd in retrospect) for services not provided. I paid for Erin to communicate with my spirit guides and to hear their messages, but she told me basically that they weren’t saying much that day, with the exception of the popcorn.

  82. I am looking for an unfake physic, after reading this why would I pay 800.00. if they are truly caring physics then they would charge nothing. They would be kind, not expecting a dime of money. Its so sad that people actually pay this much really. My goal is to find a REAL one who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for nothing, but one hour of total crap.

  83. We can all have special abilities that Erin has – with meditation and so on and practice. Read about your third eye (pineal gland), DMT, meditation etc and the history in that too. Spirit science!

    I cannot comment whether she is a fraud or a real psychic, I have not spoken to her myself. But I love her articles in general about spirituality. It makes sense with all the other research I have done on the topic. However 800 per hour seems ridiculous, I would never bother with this. I also have my own contacts if I ever felt the need.

    I have recently over the last few months, looked into “awakening the third eye” and it has since then consumed me.

    Its good for your own spiritual development – you don’t need to see a psychic. You can find your own answers. Everyone can do it.

    Please don’t call me Erin as well 😛

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  85. This blog post is pure sodding genius, and I’m sending it straight to friends and family – especially the person who believes in (sigh) reiki-at-a-distance. She’s currently doing her Masters in Law – but believes in psychicism. Boggles the mind, eh?

    Speaking as someone with a masters in ancient history, there have ALWAYS been fraudsters, and there ALWAYS will be. Just as there have always been willing victims. Posts like this are fabulous in giving information on how these con artists work, but you’ll never convince those who are desperate to believe in something that will either magically mitigate their pain (that comes with time and hard work, people, nothing else) or elevate them to a special status, in their own heads or in other people’s.

    Seriously loved this post. Actual information on the Internet! Who’d have thought it!

  86. I disagree with Andrew ref. plane crashes etc. I wish I were a psychic medium. Having said that, I have had an excellant track record on predicting plane crashes going back many years. i always saw them in a very vivid dream. When something went wrong in my life,as at the present, i lose this ability. I could never see where, but could describe the surroundings and the weather and what happened. I had other “visions” , mostly in a VIVID dream.. In my entire life only 2 or 3 didn’t come true as far as I know. On another note, I do wish I would be granted the gift of being a psychic medium. I promise I would never charge. My fee would be my own self satisfaction in such an ability. I wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed either. I also would tell everyone that it is a gift from God, our Creator, our Universal Intelligence or whatever. Is there an afterlife.? I hope so, do I beleive there is, not sure. Possibly. Guess anything is possible. , I had a very good friend die, and after his death, many things/signs occurred that i cannot explain. P.S. besides plane crashes, I did accurately see other happenings. I’ll give one example. I saw myself driving and approaching an intersection
    and someone went thru a stop sign at a rather high rate of speed. A few days later i was approaching that same corner, recalled my dream, and slowed to just about a stop when a car went thru the stop sign. Had I not acted I would have been broadsided. I am reluctant to talk about such, except to family and close friends who can verify what i say. I can’t explain such,
    and that’s the only reason I wonder about an afterlife & psychic abilities. P.S. I think there may be some legit psychics, but in my opinion, the vast majority are frauds and getting filthy rich on gullible people.

  87. A followup on my previous post. I did pay for one question to another so-called psychic medium.When i got the answer back, it was a load of B.S. And this guy is a well known medium, and claims to be known interntionally and gives readings to celebrities. I contacted him via e-mail and told him so. To my surprise, he actually admitted that he made the whole answer up, that my question was a trick question and that’s not how it workd. The only “trick” was that i already knew the answer to the question I asked, and he wasn’t even remotely close to the truth. I requested my money back which he denied. I put a claim in with the credit card issuer and I was re-imbursed. I don’t know why law enforcement doesn’t perform sting operations on these scams. These people make more money in a month or so than I made in
    my entire life. Then on top of that they write books and go on radio and TV shows. As far as I know, what these scam artists do is a criminal offense in that it is theft by deception. are there
    any legit ones out there, I don’t know for sure, but possibly there is. One I checked on got
    3 MILLION dollars for a few shows on TV, that’s in addition to private readings. So far, it seems to be a sucker play to me. I’d like to hear some comments.

      1. He goes by the name Manhattan Mediun, Thomas John. And this is exactly what he
        wrote back to me, after I told him what he said was b.s. “Thats why I can’t connect,
        it’s a trick question. That’s not the way it works. Sorry.” You can draw your own conclusion, but it appears to me by such a statement, he admits making up the reading. I also asked for my money back (credit my card) but he refused, even after saying he couldn’t connect.

          1. It is so annoying when these psychics claim that trick questions give them wrong answers. Now, I don’t believe in tricking a psychic, but I do believe in testing. How else are you to know that they are not just giving you a bowl of BS?

            If you already knew the answer to the question, I don’t think it is a trick question. However, if you are intentionally trying to get them to slip up or give you a crappy answer..I do believe you will get what you are looking for.

            Whenever I try a new psychic, I always test them in some way to see if they are connecting. The really good ones provide validations from the start so I at least know that they are connecting to the situation or my energy. After they have passed my test, I’m open to trusting what they have to say in any future readings.

            Granted, I do beleive in psychic ability, but I thnk that even the good ones can’t perform on command and be 100 percent accurate all of the time. It is kinda bittersweet because that is how they offer their services..just sign up for a 20 minute reading any time, round-the clock. Very few psychics I have tried have been right all of the time..and even the good ones can be very wrong at times. Its sort of like a crapshoot. Just realize that each reader has their speciality and use them for that gift only (some are better at spying, while others are great with timing).

          2. Just to followup. It definately was not a trick question. I gave him all the information I had available, everything I knew except for the answer. I wouldn’t have had a problem if he would have said that he was unable to connect and was crediting my card. That would have been fine and I would have respected that, but instead he made something up, and then attempted to say it was atrick question.

          3. Definitely slimey of him for that. Just so everyone knows, use a credit card if you are getting readings. You can contest the charges when psychics say NO REFUND. I’ve done it before too.

          4. All I can say is it wasn’t a trick question. The only “trick” was that I knew the answer to it, that’s why I knew what he said was a load of bull. The money would have been well spent if he was accurate or at least in the “ball park”. He refused to credit my card but I contested it with the issuer and I was re-imbursed by the card issuer.

  88. Loved Kim’s comment. Psychics are BS, and the best purpose they serve on the planet is as an example of something obviously not true that gets relentlessly defended by the people who (think they) stand to profit by it. Watching the way they operate is disgusting, but may be a good prophylactic against all the other stuff you might be persuaded to believe later in life. Grow on, all ye people once bitten and twice shy. Or twice bitten and once shy. Or any combination of numbers, as long as you’re on the road to real thinking. We’re doing just fine.

  89. Just wanted to clarify something in here. Esp to all the erin defenders ( whoever they maybe), what I usually see are snarky comments and a byline ‘ hey i am not erin’. Why not just give your opinion and let others be the judge of whether your posts ring true or not.

    Andrew’s blog is more representative because he allows all comments, whether supportive or not, good or bad and doesnt screen them. Erin puts in her own testimonials and she only puts in what she likes ( in fact she has had the same ones for years now…may edit now after this comment). If she had allowed equal opportunity for comments like this blog, i would have given her some credit for that. Interestingly enough no other psychic has ever come this close to receiving as many negative testimonials online like her. Karma is something no one can run away from. There is justice in the world after all :).

  90. Why question how she can do this?

    Here’s how and why she can. It’s part 5 of the Erin and Steve interview, and here she talks about how Steve convinced her she should have a lot of money, and even more than poor people. Because she (and he) are kind and compassionate people, they are the ones that should be rich. Because you know, it’s better. Better for all of us.

    By the way, I hadn’t been to his site in a long time or kept up on his doings, since reading his blog way way back. I read about their break-up and his new revelation into polyamorism, and he gleefully admits he loves women, and passionate sex, and all of that.

    And then I went to the site and saw Erin. And I understood why the breakup. He’s just your average middle-aged guy who really wants a Barbie but found he wasn’t married to Barbie. And he realised that with his quasi success, he could appeal to a group of women, particularly young ones, who might be spiritual groupies – I’ve seen other men do that, and he could have Barbies galore. Shallow as it is, your average middle-aged man can delude himself as to his own intentions, as well as theirs ….

    And without further todo … The Erin and Steve show …

  91. she is correct in many ways.
    you are obssessed with her , because deep down you feel you might be a believer.
    the lynches all have weird psychic crap going on deep in the family closet.
    life is much stranger and deeper than you realize, young padawan.

  92. Let me start by saying that I never wrote a review on anything/anyone in my lifetime. The only reason why I decided to write one today is because I am completely outraged by this scam of a reading I got from Erin. I wish I saw this site before I paid 250.00 of my hard earned money for a 2-question e-mail reading. Maybe it will help save someone else’s money and prevent them from feeling like a fool.
    I’ve been going through a rough patch in my life, and thought that maybe a “world renowned psychic” can help me find a way out of this situation. I found Erin’s name on that list.
    First I had to describe my situation in detail in order to “avoid getting a vague answer”. When I received the answer, it was everything that I already knew and pretty much exactly what I wrote to her, but using more elequent words and adding a metaphor.
    Sorry for the long post, but stay away!

  93. This has been the most entertaining comments thread I’ve ever written. I can barely remember anything from the original blog post as these comments are PURE COMEDIC GOLD.

    Let’s see…we’ve got random people from the net that may or MAY NOT be Erin or Steve Pavlina. You’ve got bible thumpers, rationalist-skeptics, hard core new age believers, and a six year old hatin’ ass blog post that just won’t die.

    Whatever you did here, you need to rinse and repeat because you could be raking in some serious money if more of your posts had the ability to encourage reader engagement. Ad and click through dollars are so sweet!

    PS…it does read as a little bit obsessed, but it was probably just the passion of a young man. I’m going to hop on over to Erin’s site to price a reading.

  94. I have used psychics before and if you’re paying hundreds of dollars for a consult then it better be telling you things no one else can, which I doubt. Good psychics like good doctors etc are hard to find.

    My issue with Erin and her site are some of her articles she posted. She needs to take care with what she says and how she says it in regards to life or death matters like SUICIDE. I was offended and distressed by the lighthearted manner in which she discussed suicide and her beliefs of its repercussions. People come to you for spiritual guidance, that is what you are marketing. It is foolish and indecent to discuss suicide so lightly.

    Look up Erin Pavlina suicide to see her articles. She comes off to me as mindless for not realizing the gravity of her statements, esp for someone who is meant to be marketing spiritual wisdom. I also find many of her writings to be a bit pompous. Have some humility. Anyone with real wisdom recognizes that there is always more to learn and she just appears to be too sure of herself and her beliefs (that she is attempting to explain to others under her influence). Granted I personally believe a lot of what I’ve read from her, but being psychic does not equal that you’re omniscient. Her failure to adequately get that across seems to me to be a reflection of either a)her shark-like marketing strategies or b)her foolishness or c)both.

  95. I was raised in a family of psychics and pagans and so I’ve been exposed to these sorts of things all my life. Although I cannot say with confidence that all psychic abilities are fraud -because I do believe that they may be real to a certain extent – I do think that most psychics are just glorified therapists, including the one in my family that does it for a living. At most you should be charging 30-50$ an hour. If you’re really good, maybe a bit more. But several hundred dollars? Please.

    As far as Erin herself, I do agree with many of her articles and I share many of the same beliefs, although I don’t even consider myself spiritual – a skeptical eclectic at best. However, the way she presents herself is disgusting. She writes as if she knows these beliefs to be facts written in stone, and never have I once seen her say that this was just her opinion, or that she couldn’t be sure of this, or offer other opinions that didn’t necessarily agree with hers. I’ve also never seen her provide any sources, or reasons behind her beliefs and I’ve never seen her explain how she’s come to these conclusions. I’m not saying she has to provide scientific evidence or lab tests to back up her blogs, but she should at least talk about relative experiences and events that have led her to believe what she does. She should talk about why she thinks this to be true and how she came to it. I am not trying to write her blogs for her and ultimately I don’t care how she writes them, I’m just saying she comes across as a pretentious know-it-all. But not just any pretentious know-it-all, one that provides no insight or reasoning into her conclusions.

    Somebody else mentioned her insensitive blog on suicide. Although I agree with this person, I have found this to be a problem with not just Erin, but psychics in general. For some reason the afterlife for the suicidal is a super “icky” topic in the psychic world, even more so than the afterlife of rapists and murderers. I have no idea why, but I’ve seen many psychics say that people who commit suicide are karmically punished, or ‘trapped in an afterlife of regret’, or stuck in a ghostly plane between reality and the other until they reach the day they would have died otherwise, but I’ve also seen these SAME psychics say that when a murderer or rapists dies, they automatically become surrounded by an all-knowing love and that they are immediately accepted into the ether, because all souls are accepted into the ether no matter what they do and that good and evil are just human illusions… ermmm, okay, so those who commit suicide are punished because they refused to play the game of life and how dare they not want to live, but at least the rapists and murderers were living their life to the fullest because they exercised their free will in the most disgusting way possible? I have no idea where psychics are going with this, but I personally find it disgusting. And there are many alternatives explanations from the pagan perspective – what if all souls are meant to commit suicide in a certain incarnation on earth as a spiritual lesson? What if that was the day they were supposed to and meant to die? What if there are many possible days to die within our lifetime depending on our choices and things that happen to us, and it doesn’t matter that so-and-so killed themselves on that day because that was just one way of many? I personally hate the theory of karma, or at least the way most people think of it, but what if suicide was a part of their karma? There are so many possible explanations for this that it is ridiculous to assume for a fact that suicidal people are punished above all others in the afterlife. Shame on these psychics for making the families of suicidal victims feel like crap.

    The only article I saw her be wishy-washy about, and admit that she didn’t know all the answers to, was her article about what happens to a human who died but had their body frozen and preserved, and what would happen to them should science figure out a way to revive them. I personally am anxious for the day when scientists revive a frozen dead human (although I know it’s not probable within my lifetime) because I feel like this will put to rest a lot of religious, spiritual and metaphysical beliefs – and maybe even some scientific beliefs! Theoretically, the revived human will be able to tell us about the ‘afterlife’, whether it was nothing, a deep sleep, heaven, reincarnation… who knows. Although I have a feeling if it turns out to be nothing, spiritualists will try to rationalize it by saying he or she had an afterlife, but couldn’t or wasn’t allowed to remember it so when they were revived they forgot all about it. Although I think this is silly, I can see some merit to it because we don’t remember what happened before we were born, so if there is a spiritual or non-physical realm of some kind out there, we are probably “blocked” from remembering it when we enter the physical reality for whatever reason. Who knows.

    Anyway, don’t pay up the *** for a psychic reading please! I do not care who they are. If you want a psychic reading, spend a few bucks on it and then treat use the rest of the money to treat yourself and your loved ones, because that’s probably more important for your soul.

    1. katie

      i have never heard of any psychics who have died coming back to tell us how wonderful heaven is,
      perhaps they all ended up in hell, imagine living there with all these people trying to con each other
      it would be like living in hell, these legalised con artists who cash in on vulnerable peoples grief should be investigated and charged under the trades description act ( uk law) dont know if u.s. has an equivelant law
      but for me it is out and out theft in any country


    2. To Katie,

      Some of the comments on this big blog are somewhat stupid sounding, but yours may be one of the worst. At least your English and spelling aren’t bad.

      Do any of you get it? Although I wouldn’t pay for a reading with Erin, most of what she says rings true. It would be as much a sin to commit suicide (kill yourself) as it would be to kill someone else. Doesn’t that make sense to you people???? Everyone has value, and so you don’t have any more right to end your own life, then you do to end the life of someone else. And it may not be politically correct to say this, but suicide victims are not victims. They made the choice.

    1. I’m tired of putting in a google search term and her name comes up too much. Google needs to change their parameters of search terms. Just because I clicked on her site a few times, doesn’t mean I want her information every single time, if at all anymore.

      I don’t trust her information after reading numerous reviews of her “readings” being wrong. She is not a reliable source. If she’s so “off” in her readings, then I cannot trust nor judge what else is true or false. And, my gawd, she charges too much! When I see people who market themselves as good mediums or psychics, yet their prices make them out of reach, I count my blessings for not being able to waste a dime on them. Most likely, it’s a con game. The excuse that they need to “eat” too is a lame argument. I don’t even spend $600 on groceries a month for 8 people. Spare me the poor use of conceptual logic on this justification.

      Furthermore, the real ones have a heart of compassion with rationale, not gouging their clients like insurance companies or other businesses in a time of real need. And they don’t have brag about having integrity (I’ve been fooled by those too!). It becomes self apparent within a few minutes of face to face exchanges.

  96. i have tried various so called experts who claim to have magical powers of communicating with the dead
    but as yet no-one can tell me what the word is that my wife and myself agreed she would use to prove that
    it is possible to contact thge dead

    if there are any genuine people out there who can offer the word
    please get in touch

  97. if n e 1 wants to send me obscene amounts of money to tell them what they would like to hear even though it is cods wallop please get in touch
    at least you know where you stand with me

    w forsyth 2/12/16
    liverpool uk



  98. Even though this post is quite old, I do see people still commenting, so I’ll assume its an active thread.

    Just wanted to say: The Reading in the article, less than 1% is accurate for me… it was actually quite annoying to read it, since I was hoping that I would fit in most it (I’m a very logical person, so I really wanted to have a match… I wanted to believe in it, but it was BS).

    One last thing: So many salty people here, hahaha. Maybe there is some envy around (if you are envious about her income being higher than yours, get another job then)… what if she charges a lot of money? NO ONE IS BEING FORCED TO PAY IT. I’ve never had a Reading in my life, I’ve never even met a physic ever and just recently started to check into the topic of the physic abilities in depth.

    And yes, her prices are expensive; her 5 questions package cost $600, which is just the same I pay for rent on a monthly basis, so even if I would want a Reading and had the spare money, it will not happen. I will not pay for it. BUT, what I won’t do is pay for it, then go on another site crying that it was too expensive. Doesn’t matter how she makes her readings… there is no 100% guarantee… I haven’t seen any service 100% guarantee so far (I can even pay for the best surgeon and there is no 100% guarantee my surgery will work out as expected). Even with therapists there is no 100% guarantee, nothing is 100% guarantee.

    Finally, if it works for some people and improve their lives, great! If it doesn’t for others, well sorry about that, but NO ONE PUT A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND TOLD YOU TO PAY FOR IT; just deal with your decisions.

    Andrew – And if someone wants to pay for it, then leave them… everyone has free will. It’s not your moral obligation to stop people from doing so. There will be people that will pay and regret it. If they do, then it’s a good way to learn a lesson: “learn to make decisions and LIVE WITH THEM, don’t be a cry baby”. Stop believing it’s your job to avoid people from doing one thing or the other… we all make choices… it’s like if I would believe it’s my job to force you to get a Reading and to believe. Allow people to use their free will as you do.

    Good day to all!



  99. But again, NO ONE IS BEING HELD AGAISNT THEIR WILL OR FORCED TO OPEN THEIR WALLET. I’ve lost many people really close to me and I’ve spent months and even years in grief, but that didn’t make me spend my money trying to get a physic to send a message to whoever or to know if they are okay or not. If you need to babysit people to avoid them from making stupid decisions, then you are only condoning that behaviour. It’s like raising a kid… for example, my kid used to like going under furniture once he learned to walk and even though I told him countless times to be careful and I let him know about the risks, it was useless (he would always stand up mid way and bumped his head), so I spent months trying to protect him from hitting his head while being under. After those few months, I thought: if I keep doing this, he will never learn the lesson and I will have to be protecting him this way. So I stopped doing it. And after a few times of hitting his head, he learned to crouch until he was completely out and not just halfway as before. And whoever had a kid, probably have similar stories.

    My point is, just as when we were growing up and had to learn from our misfortunes, people needs to grow smarter. If they are impulsive enough to spend money because of grief, then they will have to learn that lesson the hard way. There has to be ownership in the decisions we make. If I DECIDE (= free will) to spend my money on a scam, then I should take ownership for it. Unless Erin or anyone else went in their house and passed their credit cards, then it was a decision they made.

    This is social Darwinism… stop condoning lack of ownership and stupid behaviour. Again: if you decide to do something, then grow up and accept that it was choice and every decision has consequences: good and bad.




      1. OMG, the things you say… they hurt my brain. William, you surely take what you want from my writing. The kid thing, is an example, but it seems that you cannot see past your own Little world of inept humans that need to be held by the hand, so you took it to the extreme with an example like crossing the road and blah blah. Keep sponsoring stupid behaviour in people and then blame the others.

        You want to make extreme examples, then here is one: If you are going to justify the stupid decisions people make based on their feelings alone, then we can as well justify the Young Guy that entered the mall or a school and shoot everyone because he was feeling down or angry. Oh yeah, let’s not blame him. He was FEELING a certain way, so he was entitled to make that awful decision. Let’s just blame the ones that build guns… they were the ones that forced him to do that. <<<<< This nonsense, yes, this sounds just as idiotic as your example.


        And while we are at it, why don't you also send me some money whenever you are grieving, I guarantee you will feel better. Then, if you don't feel better, then maybe someone else can preach about how I'm a scam (oh yeah, that wouldn't be of any use… it would just be better for you not to give me your money initially, right???! But you would probably blame me saying your grieve forced you to do it).

        Well, don't waste your time trying to reply back. I have notifications off, I've been coming back willingly. But I'm going to use my common sense here and not waste time replying back to moronic statements anymore (see, social darwinism is working): I will not return to see your nonsense replies. Good luck living in your future with stupid people that are unable to take decisions past how they feel. Happy new year and as they say: Ignorance is a bliss, hence I asume you are blissful person. Goodbye!

        1. the only person with a hurt brain on this forum is your neglected child, as for sending you money you are obviously getting plenty from erin pavlina, you have no morals your only concern is money motivated just like your employer how could people expect help from you when you let your own flesh and blood learn the hard way, if he had done damage to his eyes or worse it is you that would have learned the hard way you are not fit to raise kids if thats the way you let them fend for themselves they may even end up with a gun in their school because of lack of parental love as is the norm in the usa
          enjoy you ill gotten gains





  101. I’m glad this thread is still going. Please keep it alive so that anyone thinking of having a reading with Erin can make an informed decision, and can’t say they weren’t warned. Jennifer’s absolutely right, of course Erin hasn’t put a gun to anyone’s head to pay these ridiculous prices, so in theory anyone who pays it only has themselves to blame if it doesn’t turn out how they hope. Interesting that the person who had a reading with Erin and raved about her, then came back later and said it all turned out to be a big disaster after all. If you have that sort of money lying around and won’t miss it, it’s your private decision what to spend it on. I hope no-one in financial difficulties or other kind of trouble would pay for something like this out of desperation, but unfortunately I think that the type of promises that Erin makes are going to appeal to exactly those people. If she’s giving email readings now then that’s even more of a joke. And by the way, don’t think that you can have a reading with Erin and then if it’s rubbish claim a chargeback on your credit card. I tried that, on the basis that the reading I had with her was not what I paid for i.e. not what she was claiming when she sold it. She replied with phone records showing that the call had taken place, which I did not dispute, with “LIAR LIAR” written on it in black marker. Nice, huh?
    PS Hi Erin, Steve and all your cronies ** waves **

  102. I wrote a book titled “The Projectors.” in 2015. The book is purely fictional but it has insight on how to perform astral projection. I was reading an article by Erin on astral projection. I can tell you this woman is no psychic. She tries to make it seem that because of her supposed psychic powers she can travel through the astral plane. I am no psychic but I have traveled through this realm due to hard practice. It took me an entire year before I was able to accomplish this feat. Even still I have a tough time returning with a moderate success rate. Erin charges money because she is a fake and wants to take your hard earned dollars. Nothing more, nothing less.

  103. Erin Pavlina is a complete fraud. I did a one question email reading with her and her “insight” was more of her own personal opinion then any kind of reading. I asked about my boyfriend and she said she sees a lot of distance between us and he’s cheated on me, etc. COMPLETELY off base and she spent more time telling me how I deserve a guy that won’t string me along for years as my current boyfriend has (I only met him a few months ago). I have had amazing readings through other websites that were much cheaper and they were spot on accurate. Not one thing Erin shared with me in her 3 paragraph reading was accurate or related to me. She also told me she knows how much I love my dog. I never have owned a dog. Lol. Please save yourself the money and do a reading with someone who has your best interests in mind, not your money.

  104. I had a reading with Erin, and have nothing to report in the way of healing or feeling better about anything. She insisted I agree with her points about my attitude When experiencing different social settings or issues with my family. I found that bizarre.
    Also, she kept telling me how psychic I was and that I should take her classes. She kept telling me to send my torn up contracts and bad energy into her left hand. ?????!
    So I don’t feel any better, nothing has changed. Today I got an email asking me to give a video testimonial of how well I am doing. However I don’t see a change at all. I feel so stupid for believing the video testimonials. I think the only reason people post them is to try and get 50.00 back of their scammed money!

  105. (First: FYI: Nearly 1/2 the comment/name screen on the mobile site is obscured by the list of social media media squares….difficult to navigate)
    I had a reading with Erin years ago; the sense of entitlement was overwhelming,
    Prompting me to actually research if psychics can be given information and inspired by dark angels and energies, rather than from the light, truth and love of God, and sadly…this is not only true, but happens far too often.
    Why? ❓
    Psychics ability to communicate starts from their “intent”. Are you giving readings to help others or just to make money….and it goes from there. You can start off coming from a sincere place, slowly morphing over time due to greed and losing sight of WHY we do what we do: to HELP.

    As a born psychic, I became aware that we all have intuition in various stages of development. So I continue to be constantly shocked by psychics who not only market themselves in ways that are so self centered, snobbish and competitive, but then justify charging high prices by saying they too must “make a living” …are completely missing God’s divine intention of psychic readings. Psychics are supposed to help ALL people- not just those with money.

    Psychic readings are to inspire, help, lead, guide, enlighten and heal. To clarify, provoke thought, provide answers/closure and communicate messages. Our purpose is to assist people with spiritual awakening- which is NEVER for profit. ❌
    The message of charging high prices, the cringeworthy hundreds an hour, is so outrageous, it makes me embarrassed and physically ill.
    They should be ashamed. ??‍♀️????
    Readings should NEVER – EVER – be out of reach for anyone, especially the poor, out of work, disabled, victims of domestic violence/abuse and in various stages of grief/crisis, ….the ones who need it most. ???
    If psychics are unable to offer sliding scales/donating free readings, then it’s time they seriously need to assess their priorities, find a better paying regular job to cover bills and give readings PT and/or on weekends.
    Edgar Cayce is a perfect example. He used his gift selflessly to help others in need, with paying and non paying clients and made it work. There are others, but sadly not the majority.
    Psychics, of all people, should set the gold standard as an example of “Paying it Forward” to show how spiritually and ethnically responsible and respectful psychics are…SHOULD BE.


  106. Jack, i believe that the only thing that has changed is your bank balance and by some miracle or coincidence so has erin’s

  107. Hmm it seems like your bllg ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but
    I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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    performed a formidable task and our entire group might be grateful
    to you.

  109. For the record, I’ve met Erin in a slightly different context. I got a (free) reading from one of her students from a course she was teaching about becoming a medium. Judging by that experience and leaning on my skepticism, I’d say it’s option 2. I wouldn’t be able to tell you either way about option 3 because she wasn’t the one giving me the reading.

    It was actually a lot of fun. Her student was charming and sincere, reacting openly with excitement about her correct guesses and disappointment and determination about her incorrect guesses. Erin noticed that I really wanted to ask about a particular dead relative and suggested we change the topic to what I wanted to ask. That ability isn’t widespread, but I’m sure it’s common to more sociable and/or empathetic people. It wouldn’t surprise me if people were impressed by it. I was more appreciative, because I can read that sort of thing too but I don’t know how to gracefully interject.

    Random bit: both she and her student acted very surprised when I asked for advice about my husband though, saying they couldn’t tell I was married, which would be weird if they were lying because there was clearly a ring on my finger. Not sure what to make of that. My guess at the time was that my body language doesn’t match that of a “married person.”

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